The Official Guide for GMAT Review 13th Edition (PDF)
Ebook GMAT / 2 April, 2015

The Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is a test that more than 2100 business school and other institutions all around the world use as a criterion for admission into their business management courses like MBA. These include some of the most prestigious business schools in the world. The GMAT exam is administered in over 112 countries and is the exam of choice for most students aspiring to enroll into the best B schools. The Official Guide for GMAT Review (With CD ROM) 13th Edition helps students prepare for this exam with questions that cover all aspects of a GMAT exam – analytical writing, quantitative and verbal elements, as well as the newly introduced integrated reasoning component. It has been brought out by GMAC or the Graduate Management Admission Council, the same organisation that owns the GMAT exam. The 13th edition of this Official Guide for GMAT Review book has been designed to be as exhaustive as possible. Thus, practice questions for the integrated reasoning component, which was only introduced in June 2012 are included as well. However, since these types of questions are more interactive than others, they can be found online, in a website that becomes accessible to…

The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2015 (PDF)
Ebook GMAT / 2 April, 2015

The Official Guide is your must-have study guide that features Verbal, Quantitative and Integrated Reasoning questions types. New to this edition is exclusive access to the online question bank that allows you to create practice tests from the over 900 retired GMAC questions featured in the book, as well as exclusive videos from real test takers and GMAC staff who share insight and tips on GMAT preparation. The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2015 features 900 practice questions of all types with answers and explanations, math review, essay topics and a diagnostic test. In addition, you have access to a new online study companion that includes the same practice questions and Integrated Reasoning questions and answer explanations, 100-question diagnostic exam to help focus your test preparation efforts.

The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review, 2nd Edition (PDF)
Ebook GMAT / 2 April, 2015

The only official quantitative review for the GMAT from the creators of the test.  Anyone preparing for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) knows it’s important to study with the experts. WithThe Official Guide for the GMAT Quantitative Review, Second Edition, you’ll get questions, answers, and explanations straight from the source. The only official quantitative review for the GMAT Exam, this book targets your study and helps you improve your quantitative skills by focusing on your ability to solve equations, interpret data, coordinate geometry, and determine probability with assurance and ease. Inside, you’ll find 300 actual questions from past GMAT tests, including 75 questions new to this edition Sections on Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Problem Solving, and Data Sufficiency Questions organized in order of difficulty to save study time The Graduate Management Admission Council certifies all content so you can trust that you’re getting expert guidance as you prepare for the GMAT Exam. The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) is the association of leading graduate business schools around the world. GMAC’s mission is to meet the needs of business schools and students through a wide array of products, services, and programs. It is the owner and administrator of the Graduate Management…

Cracking the New GMAT 2013 (PDF)
Ebook GMAT / 18 September, 2014

Cracking the New GMAT, 2013 Edition has been completely revised and updated for the changes coming to the new GMAT in June 2012.  It includes: Access to 2 full-length practice tests Tons of sample problems and drills in the book covering all 4 GMAT sections, plus more extra practice on the companion web site Step-by-step instruction on the new GMAT question types: table analysis, graphics interpretation, multi-source reasoning, and two-part analysis Thorough review of all tested topics, including data sufficiency, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, sentence correction, reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and more

The Official Guide for GMAT Review 12th Edition (Pdf)
Ebook GMAT / 10 September, 2014

A review guide for the GMAT, prepared by the creators of standardized exams, features previously administered exams for practice tests and more. Trust the worldwide bestselling study guide to help you prepare for the GMAT! Here’s what you’ll find inside the only book on the market written by the creators of the exam. – More than 800 actual questions from past GMAT tests—300 of which have never before been published – Full answers and detailed explanations for all questions – Grammar review covering concepts tested on the GMAT Verbal section – Comprehensive math review of the topics tested on the GMAT Quantitative section – Actual essay topics, sample responses, and scoring information – Questions organized in order of difficulty to save study time.