The Official Guide to the TOEFL Test 4th Edition (Ebook + CD-ROM)
Ebook TOEFL / 11 April, 2016

The one and only bestselling official guide to the TOEFL, from the makers of the test! Now expanded with a third actual TOEFL exam This Official Guide to the TOEFL Test is the best, most reliable guide to the test that is used around the world to assess foreign applicants to U.S. and Canadian universities for English proficiency. It includes real TOEFL questions for practice, as well as explanations of every section of the test and information on what is expected for every speaking and writing task. You will learn how to construct a good answer and how to integrate speaking, listening, and writing skills to demonstrate college-level English proficiency. Inside you’ll find: 600 real TOEFL questions from the test-makers Online access to authentic TOEFL iBT practice tests Strategies for success

Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test: The Paper Test, with Answer Key (PDF + CD)
Ebook TOEFL / 8 April, 2016

Skills– Strategies– Confidence. This book/CD-ROM package gives students all the tools they need to succeed on the TOEFL(r) paper-based test. Providing both a comprehensive language skills course and a wealth of practice for all sections of the paper test, the “Longman Preparation Course” is appropriate for courses in TOEFL(r) test preparation or as a supplement to more general ESL courses. In the Student Book: Complete language skills instruction for skills tested on both the TOEFL(r) paper test and the Test of Written English. Longer reading passages that reflect the latest testing format. Diagnostic pre-tests and evaluation post-tests for each section that allow students to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Practice exercises for each of the language skills that maximize understanding and retention. Five complete Practice Tests that familiarize students with the actual test format and timing. In the CD-ROM: An additional 1,450 test questions in both practice sections and three more simulated tests. Pop-up explanations to enhance understanding. Easy-to-use scoring and record keeping to monitor progress. A separate audio program– available on your choice of cassettes or CDs– includes the complete materials from the Listening Comprehension section and Complete Tests in the text.

Top the TOEFL • Unlocking the Secrets of Ivy League Students (Book)
Ebook TOEFL / 21 March, 2016

Top the TOEFL is a TOEFL book like no other. It recognizes an essential key to the problem: students who struggle with the TOEFL have problems mastering English. Hence, while other TOEFL books teach strategies with long wordy explanations that hardly make sense to the average student, Top the TOEFL focuses on teaching students in the most intuitive way possible: examples. Each unit is systematically broken down to make it simple for any student to Top the TOEFL.

Barron’s How to Prepare for The TOEFL 11th Edition (Book + CD ROM)
Ebook TOEFL / 17 January, 2016

Product Description This new 11th edition offers complete and up-to date preparation for the Paper-Based TOEFL and the Computer-Based TOEFL, with a preview of the Next Generation TOEFL test. There is extensive practice-even for students who don’t have access to a computer. The manual includes a review chapter for each section of the TOEFL, including the new Speaking Section, and presents nine full-length model tests for the Computer-Based TOEFL, with questions answered and explained, along with one full-length model test for the Next Generation TOEFL and a practice test for the TOEFL Academic Speaking Test (TAST), with example answers. This compact disc-and-book package provides the audio versions for the Listening Comprehension sections of all model tests. From the Back Cover Choose Barron’s Method for TOEFL Success # Read and understand the orientation to the TOEFL # Take a model test to discover your problems # Design your personal study plan for success # Use this book’s review chapters to improve your skills # Take the model tests in book and on CD-ROM and score your results # Review the answers and explanations for all test questions. Pass:

22000 Words for Toefl & Ielts của Harold Levine (PDF)
Ebook TOEFL / 17 January, 2016

22,000 words for the TOEFL and IELTS tests by Harold Levine “is a book on vocabulary learning was developed on a solid theoretical basis and  Its real purpose is to increase the strength of English vocabulary to students as quickly as possible. this bilingual translation in order to provide a means for learning the best book above. In addition, this book is not only practical aim which is presented on a systematic approach to vocabulary learned. Let’s take a surf through the unit of study to clarify this: 1. Learning new words in the context 2. Expand vocabulary through key concepts 3. Expand vocabulary through the Anglo-Saxon prefix 4. Expand vocabulary through Latin prefix 5. Expand the language of words over the Latin 6. Expand vocabulary through the Greek language elements 7. Expand vocabulary through word metabolism 8. Relations and relations of analogy from.

Cracking the TOEFL iBT 2009 (Pdf +Audio)
Ebook TOEFL / 16 January, 2016

Cracking the TOEFL iBT 2009 edition features: • A full-length reproduced TOEFL iBT with going with sound areas on a MP3 CD • Audio practices on the CD to sharpen your listening aptitudes • Strategies and practice drills for all center ideas • Detailed answers and clarifications for the practice test and all practice drills • Tips on arranging and centering your article composing abilities • Practical data on the what, when, where, and how of taking the TOEFL iBT • Additional sentence structure audit to catch up on your fundamentals • Planning and association counsel to get every one of you the best preparation for the test day.

500 Words, Phrases, Idioms for the TOEFL iBT Plus Typing Strategies (Book)
Ebook TOEFL / 10 January, 2016

HOW IS THIS TOEFL BOOK DIFFERENT? This TOEFL book is different because it uses an integrated vocabulary learning system called recycling. Recycling is simple. Each exercise is divided into four quizzes. Quiz 1, a multiple-choice vocabulary quiz, introduces ten new words. Next, you will do Quiz 2. Quiz 2 is a sentence-completion quiz based on the ten words in Quiz 1. Next, you will do Quiz 3, a spelling quiz. The speaker on the CD will say the same ten words in turn. You will then have ten seconds to spell each word by saying it and typing it. Finally, you will do Quiz 4. Quiz 4 is a 60-word typing test based on the ten new words you have been recycling through Quizzes 1, 2 and 3, plus words, phrases and idioms recycled from previous exercises.

TOEFL Secrets – Your Key To Toefl Success (PDF)
Ebook TOEFL / 15 May, 2015

TOEFL Secrets (Internet-Based Test iBT Version) helps you ace the Test Of English as a Foreign Language without weeks and months of endless studying.   Our comprehensive TOEFL Secrets (Internet-Based Test iBT Version) study guide is written by our exam experts, who painstakingly researched every topic and concept that you need to know to ace your test. Our original research reveals specific weaknesses that you can exploit to increase your exam score more than you’ve ever imagined.

TOEFL iBT Vocabulary (PDF)
Ebook TOEFL / 22 April, 2015

Each year, more than 800,000 take TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language, internet based test); if English is not their first language, these students must pass the TOEFL to gain admission into universities where instruction is in English. In addition, TOEFL is also used to evaluate English proficiency by many government, licensing, and certification agencies, and exchange and scholarship programs. This book will help non-native speakers build or renew vital vocabulary skills. Featuring targeted practice, a verbal skills review, commonly tested words, and test-preperation tips, this book will help test-takers score high onthe TOEFL.

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