English in Mind 2 (Student’s Book, Class Audio, Workbook, Workbook CD) Free Download
Other / 17 August, 2017

Free Download English in Mind 2 (Student’s Book, Class Audio, Workbook, Workbook CD) pdf, mp3, ogg. Written for teenagers, English in Mind creates an inspiring learning experience for secondary students. Everything, from the choice of imaginative topics, texts and exercises to the attractive design is perfectly matched to students’ interests, age and ability. It provides a solid basis for effective language learning through a strong focus on grammar and vocabulary. Flexibility and support are offered in the form of photocopiable activities and tests in the Teacher’s Resource Pack, ‘EiMTV’ DVDs, Workbook CD-ROMs and the extensive free worksheets, tests, wordlists and resources on the website. Each level of the course provides 80-90 hours of work with the possibility of extension. It can be used with mixed-ability classes. The Starter level is for complete beginners and Level 1 is for elementary students and contains a 16-page starter section to revise key language. Levels 2 to 5 take students from pre-intermediate to advanced level.   Download: English in Mind 2 (Student’s Book + Class Audio) English in Mind 2 (Workbook + Workbook CD) Pass Unzip: tienganhedu.com

CPE Use of English Student’s Book
Other / 18 May, 2017

Free Download CPE Use of English Student’s Book CPE Use of English 1 for the revised Cambridge Proficiency Examination is aimed at advanced students of English who wish to polish up their skills in the difficult grammatical areas of structures and usage. Download Now CPE Use of English Student’s Book

Speakout 2nd Edition
Other / 16 May, 2017

Free Download Speakout 2nd Edition Full Set (Starter Level, Elementary Level, Pre-Intermediate Level, Intermediate Level, Upper Intermediate Level, Advanced Level) Speakout 2nd Edition By Antonia Clare, Frances Eales, Steve Oakes and J.J. Wilson See what makes Speakout 2nd edition so special and how Speakout 2nd edition fully supports your teaching experience See in what ways Speakout 2nd edition syllabus has been tailored for Spanish-speaking learners of English. One of the priorities of the Speakout authors in writing Speakout 2nd edition was to find out what Spanish learners need to express themselves confidently in a real English-speaking environment. In response to teachers’ feedback, this new edition includes the new Speakout Study Boosters, extra practice material for self study, including tips and explanations on the challenges faced by Spanish learners of English as well as a whole range of additional grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and writing practice directly related to the Student’s Books. Speakout Extra A complete bank of additional resources designed to help you maximize your valuable teaching time, providing all the materials you need to boost your teaching experience and to help your students achieve their language goals. Speakout Extra provides additional worksheets directly related to the content of the Student’s Book. Ideal for use in class or for homework, the Extra material can be used to meet learners individual needs and to personalize their learning journey. This unbeatable range of supplementary materials consists…

The complete solution IELTS Writing 2016
Ebook IELTS / 9 May, 2017

Free Download The complete solution IELTS Writing 2016 (book,pdf) Target: Writing Band 7+ Paperpack: 164 pages Author: Toan ZIM Language: 100% English This book has been written to provide students who are preparing for the IELTS exam with a brief summary of how to write a report in the first part and to write an effective essay in the second part of the IELTS writing section. It helps IELTS learners have thorough insights into the structure as well as the style necessary to answer a variety of different types of writing that commonly appear in the exam. The way this book is organized is quite clear and simple. The general understanding of the task’s requirements and a common structure used to write every type of essay in the IELTS writing task 1 & 2 will be primarily presented in order for students to grab hold of the overall idea of how they should divide their essays into a few key paragraphs. Then the complete guidance of how to ace each particular type of essay will instruct students to effectively study for the real exam. This small guide only acts as a self-studying material and a supplement for students’ IELTS writing courses….

Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus A Dictionary of Synonyms
Other / 30 April, 2017

Free Download Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus A Dictionary of Synonyms (book,pdf,cdrom) The Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus: A Dictionary of Synonyms (hereafter OxSyn) is a corpus-informed dictionary of English synonyms compiled specifically for foreign language learners. It can be seen in embryonic form in the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (OALD 7, 2005), where there are more than 200 sets of synonyms located at specific lexical entries. OxSyn takes the form of both a traditional print dictionary and a CD-Rom. In this review, I first describe the print dictionary, and… Download Now Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus A Dictionary of Synonyms Book Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus A Dictionary of Synonyms CDRom

Improve your skills: Writing for Advanced with answer key
Other / 29 April, 2017

Free Download Improve your skills: Writing for Advanced with answer key (book,pdf) Improve you Skills for Advanced series Malcolm Mann, Steve Taylore-Knowles Macmillan Education, London, 2014, 117 pagesImprove your Skills for Advanced (CAE) is a four book series for students preparing to take the Cambridge English: Advanced exam. The series aims to develop the skills, language and exam techniques required to achieve success in the exam.Improve your Skills: Writing for Advanced offers complete preparation for the Writing Paper. Each unit includes: – Skills focus with exercises and examples to develop the skills for all the Cambridge English: Advanced Writing tasks. – Language development with helpful phrases and vocabulary to use in each Writing task to ensure students are well prepared and confident – Skills tips with ideas on how to approach Writing tasks in Advanced – Practice test with authentic Writing tasks based on the unit topic with model answers. Download Now Improve your skills: Writing for Advanced with Answer key book

Other / 28 April, 2017

Free download Cambridge English: Advanced  CERTIFICATE IN ADVANCED ENGLISH 1 (4 FULL TESTS) (book,pdf,audio cd, mp3) Four official examination papers for the 2015 revised Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) examination from Cambridge English Language Assessment. These examination papers provide the most authentic exam preparation available, allowing candidates to familiarise themselves with the content and format of the exam and to practise useful exam techniques. The Student’s Book with answers is perfect for independent exam practice. The accompanying Audio CDs contain the recordings for the Listening test. Download Now Advanced: CERTIFICATE IN ADVANCED ENGLISH 1 (4 FULL TESTS) Advanced: CERTIFICATE IN ADVANCED ENGLISH 1 CDs

Oxford Practice Grammar (Basic, Intermediate., Advanced)
Other / 21 April, 2017

Free Download Oxford Practice Grammar (Basic, Intermediate., Advanced) ebook,pdf,audio cd, CDRom This three-level grammar practice series takes students from elementary to advanced level of English. Key Features: The way in which grammar is presented and practiced reflects the needs of the student at each stage of their learning. ‘Basic’ provides lots of practice and short explanations; ‘Intermediate’ gives you more detail with extended practice; ‘Advanced’ gives challenging practice activities and in-depth explanations. Additional Information The series covers the grammar students need to know for international exams such as PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEFL. Regular revision units and tests help learners focus on the grammar they need to practise the most, and exit tests ensure the student is ready for the next level of Oxford Practice Grammar. NEW Practice-Boost CD-ROMs with each level are compatible with interactive white-boards. The CD-ROMs link to a free practise test for PET, FCE, and IELTS at Oxford English Testing. Oxford Practice Grammar (Basic) Oxford Practice Grammar (Intermediate) Oxford Practice Grammar (Advanced) Pass Rar/Zip: tienganhedu.com

Oxford English for Careers Medicine 1 Student’s Book (PDF + Audio CD)
Other / 19 April, 2017

Free Download Oxford English for Careers Medicine 1 Student’s Book (PDF + Audio CD) Medicine is ideal for pre-work students, studying at upper-intermediate to advanced level, who will need to use English in work situations. It is also suitable for doctors and other health professionals who plan to work in English-speaking countries. Medicine develops the vocabulary, language, and skills that students need to read and understand medical texts, to be successful in medical exams, and to communicate effectively and accurately with patients and colleagues. Paperback: 144 pages Publisher: Oxford University Press (May 7, 2009) Language: English ISBN-10: 0194023001 ISBN-13: 978-0194023009 Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 0.2 x 10.8 inches

Idioms Organiser: Organised By Metaphor, Topic, And Key Word – Jon Wright
Other / 23 March, 2017

Free Download Idioms Organiser: Organised By Metaphor, Topic, And Key Word – Jon Wright ebook Idioms Organiser is a good book teaching idioms with the highly organised system for intermediate and advanced students. This book is a valuable material for the students who take the FCE, CAE, Proficiency, IELTS và TOEFL exams. It can help you to boost your score in IELTS speaking test with academic idioms which can impress the examiner. This book organises the most important idioms in English in four sections: Areas of metaphor Individual metaphor Topics Key Words The Author Jon Wright is co-founder and Director of Studies of The Language Project, Bristol, a small school with a special focus on developing innovative learner-centred materials. He has many years’ experience as a teacher, teacher trainer, materials writer and examiner. His other publications include Basic Grammar, with Dave Willis, for Cobuild, and Dictionaries, in the OUP Resource Books for Teachers Series. Introductory Unit 1: What is an idiom? An idiom is an expression with the following features: 1. It is fixed and is recognised by native speakers. You cannot make up your own! 2. It uses language in a non-literal – metaphorical – way. The following are examples: 1….