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Free download Cambridge English: Advanced  CERTIFICATE IN ADVANCED ENGLISH 1 (4 FULL TESTS) (book,pdf,audio cd, mp3) Four official examination papers for the 2015 revised Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) examination from Cambridge English Language Assessment. These examination papers provide the most authentic exam preparation available, allowing candidates to familiarise themselves with the content and format of the exam and to practise useful exam techniques. The Student’s Book with answers is perfect for independent exam practice. The accompanying Audio CDs contain the recordings for the Listening test. Download Now Advanced: CERTIFICATE IN ADVANCED ENGLISH 1 (4 FULL TESTS) Advanced: CERTIFICATE IN ADVANCED ENGLISH 1 CDs

English in Medicine Third Edition – Eric H. Glendinning , Beverly A.S. Holmstrom (PDF+Audio CD)
Other / 19 April, 2017

English in Medicine Third Edition : A Course in Communication Skills – Eric H. Glendinning , Beverly A.S. Holmstrom (PDF+Audio CD) English in Medicine is a course for doctors, medical students and other medical professionals who need to communicate with patients and medical colleagues. Each of the seven units focuses on one area of doctor-patient communication, from history-taking and examination to diagnosis and treatment. The course develops all four skills through a wide variety of activities. The third edition is now in full colour and has been updated to take account of developments in medicine and the impact of new information technology. The course does not require specialist knowledge on the part of the teacher. English in Medicine – Đây là cuốn giáo trình hay được các giáo viên dạy Anh Văn Chuyên Ngành ở Việt Nam sử dụng để dạy sinh viên. Cuốn sách được các giáo sư Đại học Cambridge biên soạn một cách tỉ mỉ và logic. Y học là một ngành đòi hỏi các y bác sĩ, y tá hay chuyên viên y tế luôn luôn phải cập nhật thường xuyên các kiến thức cần thiết để theo kịp những tiến bộ của y học thế…

Cambridge Interchange 4th Edition (Full Sets)
Other / 24 March, 2017

Free Download Cambridge Interchange 4th Edition (Full Sets) Student’s Book + Workbook + Teacher’s Book + Audio CDs + Video DVD + MultiROM Interchange is a four-level series for adult and young-adult learners of English from the beginning to the high-intermediate level. The Interchange builds on the foundations established for accurate and fluent communication, extending grammatical, lexical, and functional skills. Topics such as relationships, the media, self-improvement, business and advertising, and controversial issues are presented in unique ways using interesting real-life information. The Student’s Book contains 16 teaching units, frequent progress checks that allow students to assess and monitor their own learning, and a listening self-study section. Interchange Intro: Interchange 1: Interchange 2:  Interchange 3: 

Cambridge Your Space 2 Student Book (PDF+Audio CD)
Other / 21 March, 2017

The Level 2 Student’s Book contains ten visually appealing units and ample material for extra practice and extension including ‘Communication’ activities with accompanying ‘Phrasebook’. Students are encouraged to notice new language in context in the ‘Language focus’ sections, then are given clear guidance to its use in ‘Language space’. Key language from the previous level is reviewed in early units to consolidate learning. ‘Get it right!’ sections informed by the Cambridge Learner Corpus help students tackle problem areas. A graphic story provides enjoyable extended reading. Students can register for free access to the Web Zone Paperback: 136 pages Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Student edition (February 20, 2012) Language: English ISBN-10: 0521729289 ISBN-13: 978-0521729284 Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 0.3 x 11.7 inches

Basic Grammar in Use. Workbook with answers Third Edition. Smalzer William, Murphy Raymond
Other / 14 February, 2017

Free Download Basic Grammar in Use. Workbook with answers Third Edition pdf Cambridge, 2011. — 3nd edition. — 175 pages. North American English.  The Grammar in Use series for students of North American English is well known for its simple, clear explanations. The Basic Grammar in Use Workbook provides students with opportunities to practice difficult grammar points and consolidate their understanding of closely related units in Basic Grammar in Use. This edition offers a wide range of challenging activities, including many new and expanded exercises that present grammar structures in context. This book includes a complete answer key.

Cambridge Vocabulary for Advanced with answers. Haines Simon (Book + Audio CD)
Other / 9 February, 2017

Free Download Cambridge Vocabulary for Advanced with answers. Haines Simon book + Audio CD Cambridge university press, 2012 – 145 p. Are you preparing for the Cambridge English: Advanced exam? Do you want to practise all the vocabulary you need to be confident in the exam? Cambridge Vocabulary for Advanced covers the vocabulary that occurs in the – exam and provides the following: – error warnings to help you avoid common mistakes – regular tests to check your progress – practice exam tasks for the Reading, Writing, Use of English, Listening and Speaking papers – useful tips on how to approach exam tasks – techniques for learning and remembering vocabulary – a full wordlist for easy reference – vocabulary in a listening context Cambridge Vocabulary for Advanced is informed by a bank of real candidate exam papers to ensure that vocabulary is presented in realistic contexts and typical learner errors are highlighted to help candidates avoid common mistakes.

English Phrasal Verbs In Use. Michael McCarthy and Felicity O’Dell
Other / 26 November, 2016

Free Download English Phrasal Verbs In Use. Michael McCarthy and Felicity O’Dell English Phrasal Verbs in Use is a vocabulary book for good intermediate Level learners and above. It is primarily designed as a self-stude reference and practice text but it can also be used for classroom work. English Phrasal Verbs in Use – 70 easy-to-use two-page units: phrasal verbs are presented and explained on left-hand pages with a range of practice on right-hand pages. – Presents and explains approximately 1,000 phrasal verbs in typical contexts using tables, charts, short texts and dialogues. – Contains a Mini dictionary with easy-to-understand definitions and cross references to units in the book. – Provides valuable information about appropriate usage. – Promotes good learning habits with study tips and follow-up tasks. – Contains a comprehensive, student-friendly answer key. – Includes the most frequently used phrasal verbs from a corpus of written and spoken English and from the Cambridge International of Phrasal Verbs.

English Idioms in Use Advanced
Other / 12 November, 2016

Free Download English Idioms in Use Advanced (PDF) Product description This book presents and practises over 1000 of the most useful and frequent idioms in typical contexts. This reference and practice book looks at the most colourful and fun area of English vocabulary – idioms. This book will appeal to students at advanced level who want to understand and use the English really used by native speakers, and students preparing for higher level exams, such as CAE, CPE and IELTS. Over 1,000 of the most useful and frequent idioms, which learners are likely to encounter are presented and practised in typical contexts, so that learners using this book will have hundreds of idioms ‘at their fingertips’. Key features Self-study reference and practice text for advanced learners, which can also be used for classroom work and exam preparation. Presents and explains over 1000 idioms in typical contexts using tables, charts, short texts and dialogues on left-hand pages. These are practised through a variety of exercises on right-hand pages. Includes error warnings, learning tips and follow-up tasks to encourage learner autonomy and provide strategy training. Informed by the Cambridge International Corpus, to ensure idioms are presented in authentic and natural contexts and the…

English Pronunciation in Use – Elementary. Jonathan Marks
Other / 18 October, 2016

Free Download English Pronunciation in Use – Elementary.   Jonathan Marks – Book(PDF)+Audio CD(WMA). Cambridge University Press, 2007.  – 168 с. + Audio 5CD, Self-study and classroom use. The best-selling English Pronunciation in Use is a comprehensive reference and practice book suitable for self-study or classroom work. Fifty easy-to-use units cover all aspects of pronunciation, including individual sounds, word stress, connected speech and intonation. Each unit is supported by audio material in a range of accents, available on audio CD. An additional reference section offers a glossary of specialized terms, help with the pronunciation of numbers and geographical names and fun exercises on phonemic symbols and minimal pairs. The CD-ROM provides a wide variety of additional interactive activities to reinforce the pronunciation covered in the book, as well as tests, progress checks, games and animated diagrams of the mouth showing learners how to produce individual sounds. Students can also record themselves and compare their pronunciation with one of the many models provided. English Pronunciation in Use Elementary includes 5 sections: A. Sounds and spelling, B. syllables and words, C. Phrases, sentences and grammar, D. Conversation, E. Reference. 5 CDs with CD1 (units 1-12), CD2 (units 13-27), CD3 (units 28-43), CD4 (units 44-50,…

Advanced Grammar in Use. Martin Hewings
Other / 14 October, 2016

A self-study reference and practice book for advanced students of English. With Answers. A Self-Study Reference and Practice Book for Advanced Learners of English. Advanced Grammar in Use contains 120 units of grammar explanation and practice exercises. The book provides coverage of those language areas advanced-level students will find most rewarding to study. The book retains the clarity of presentation of other books in the “in Use” family. Two-page units present grammar explanation and examples, including typical student mistakes, on left-hand pages, and useful and varied practice on right-hand pages. Extra practice exercises at the back of the book provide further challenging and contrastive practice of grammar points from different units. A study guide helps students find those areas most appropriate for their study. Grammar areas are cross-referenced throughout the book. There are useful appendices dealing with verb forms, and a glossary and all answers are given at the back of the book. Advanced Grammar in Use second edition is a fully updated version of the successful grammar title. The new edition focuses on the complexities of grammatical choices important for an advanced understanding of English. This new edition: # contains 100 units of grammar reference and practice materials including…

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