Oxford Discover 6: Grammar
Other / 6 August, 2017

Oxford Discover 6: Grammar free Download (book, pdf) Oxford Discover Grammar presents grammar through context, guiding students as they discover meaning. It combines this guided discovery approach with extensive form-based practice, ensuring that students have all the knowledge they need to use English grammar confidently and accurately. File size: 41.66 MB File type: PDF Download Now: Oxford Discover 6: Grammar (PDF): Google Drive Pass Unrar: tienganhedu.com

The New Prepare for IELTS General Training Modules(Book+Audio) Free Download
Ebook IELTS / 10 July, 2017

The New Prepare for IELTS General Training Modules (Book+Audio)  Free Download Penelope Cameron The New Prepare for Ielts: General Training Modules. Insearch Ed. Int.Pr.Off. | 2001 | ISBN-10: 0908537190 | ISBN-13: 978 0908537198 | English | PDF MP3 | 156 pages | Time: 122 min | 68.59 mb Containing five practice tests and written by IELTS experts, the book includes full transcripts and answer key and has been extensively tested in IELTS preparation classes. Download Now The New Prepare for Ielts: General Training Modules (Book + Audio)

Impact 2: Student’s Book (PDF + Audio) Free Download
Other / 19 June, 2017

Impact 2: Student’s Book (PDF + Audio) Free Download Impact helps teenage learners (Lower Secondary) to better understand themselves, each other, and the world they live in. By encouraging self-expression, global citizenship, and active participation, Impact motivates students to explore who they are and who they want to be, all while learning English! Features National Geographic Explorers are featured as role models who embody the 21st century skills and values teenagers need to become successful global citizens. Cross-curricular topics engage learners with stimulating information about the world, better preparing the for future academic success. Student choice activities and projects present learners with options for language practice, allowing teens to become active participants in the learning process. Download Now Impact 2: Student’s Book (PDF + Audio): Google Drive

Collins Webster’s Easy Learning How to Use English Free Download
Other / 18 June, 2017

Free Download Collins Webster’s Easy Learning How to Use English (book,pdf)  Collins Easy Learning How to Use English is designed to help learners of all ages use individual words correctly, and choose the right words and structures for the meaning they want to convey. With its clear layout and simple explanations, this book is ideal for learners of English who want to improve their English for work, study, and travel. Collins Easy Learning How to Use English not only explains what English words mean, but also provides information on how the words actually work. The entries are organized alphabetically so that they are easy to find, and each has a clear explanation of when and how to use the word. Each entry also includes examples from the Bank of English(R) corpus, which show how the words are really used in everyday English. The title covers a range of different areas of the English language, to help learners use the language naturally and effectively. It provides clear information on easily confused words, words with similar meanings, and help with words that are often tricky for learners to understand. The Collins Easy Learning How to Use English is an indispensable tool for learning English today….

Perfect English Grammar: The Indispensable Guide to Excellent Writing and Speaking
Other / 13 June, 2017

Free Download Perfect English Grammar: The Indispensable Guide to Excellent Writing and Speaking (book,pdf) Edition: 2016 Expert linguist Grant Barrett gives you all the tools you need to improve your everyday communication―from perfecting your punctuation to polishing your speaking skills―with his accessible, go-to grammar guide. Language learners of all levels can turn to this easy-to-navigate grammar guide again and again for quick and authoritative information. From conjugating verbs to crafting sentences to developing your own style, Grant Barrett provides you with the tools and motivation to improve the way you communicate. Perfect English Grammar helps you clearly say what you want to say―and the best way to say it. Never Be Wrong: Catchy examples help you remember core grammar rules Sharpen Your Style: Composition guidelines let you express yourself fully Look It Up: Seamless navigation makes it easy to find answers quickly Geek Out: Explore the tricky questions with Grant Barrett’s help Whether you’re a busy professional or on the job hunt, Perfect English Grammar makes it easier than ever to improve your grasp of grammar. Download Now Perfect English Grammar: The Indispensable Guide to Excellent Writing and Speaking (PDF)

The Magic Brocade Level 5 Classic Tales 2nd edition Free Download
Other / 6 June, 2017

Free Download The Magic Brocade Level 5 Classic Tales 2nd edition (book,pdf,audio,mp3) Dolphins are interactive graded readers specially designed to make developing language skills fun for younger learners. Full-colour illustrations and cross-curricular content stimulate students’ interest and maintain their attention, while carefully graded English introduces them to new language points in an entertaining context. Integrated activities for every page of story text encourage students to practise newly acquired language skills. Download Now The Magic Brocade Level 5 Classic Tales 2nd edition (PDF + Audio): Google Drive or Filedwon

IELTS Target band 7 (Third Edition) Free Download
Ebook IELTS / 4 June, 2017

Free Download IELTS Target band 7:How to maximize your score (Third Edition) book,pdf Dear reader, I am glad that you have chosen this book. Here you can find all the help you need to prepare for IELTS test by yourself. Yes, you can actually do it, and I am a living proof to that. English is not my first language. This is why I had to take the IELTS test, just like you have to. When I started to search for information on the Internet, it took me forever to find, compare and test the efficiency of different techniques and tips. This book is something I desperately needed when I was studying for my IELTS exam. It. was created to make your life a little easier by supplying you with tips, resources and advice, all put together in one place. Read about the problems I had preparing for IELTS, and may be that will keep you from repeating my mistakes. My IELTS test was a success and my dream became a reality. With this book you are not alone anymore and hopefully it will help you to fulfill your dreams. All the best! Download Now IELTS Target band 7 (Third Edition)…

Test Your Professional English Marketing
Other / 2 June, 2017

Free Download Test Your Professional English Marketing book,pdf This practical series includes a number of specialist titles which help students communicate more effectively. Each book contains over 60 tests and over 500 key words and expressions. They are ideal for class use or self-study. Download Now Test Your Professional English Marketing (book)

Barron’s Writing for the IELTS
Ebook IELTS / 31 May, 2017

Free Download (Ebook English) Barron’s Writing for the IELTS  ebook,pdf Barron’s Writing for the IELTS will help you prepare for the writing section of the IELTS test whether you are planning to take the Academic or the General Training module. The organization of this book follows the criteria IELTS examiners use to score your writing. If you study everything in this book, you will score well. ■ Task Achievement/Task Response ■ Coherence and Cohesion ■ Lexical Resource ■ Grammatical Range and Accuracy In the Task Achievement/Task Response chapter, you will learn to follow a three-step model for creating an essay: – Plan – Write – Revise You will learn how to apply this model to each of the IELTS writing tasks. Study the sections of this chapter that focus on the version of the test that you plan to take—Academic or General Training. Each section leads you step by step through the process of writing an essay in response to that particular task. Therefore, you should work your way through each section from beginning to end. As you study a section, you will become familiar with the types of questions you will have to respond to on the IELTS. You will also…

Barron’s How to Prepare for the TOEFL Essay 2nd Edition
Ebook TOEFL / 27 May, 2017

Free Download Barron’s How to Prepare for the TOEFL Essay 2nd Edition book,pdf The written essay is a very important part of the Test of English as a Foreign Language. This manual offers solid preparation, with instructions for organizing details and ideas for a topic, then developing them in clear, grammatical written English. The author provides approximately 185 models essays for students to read and analyze plus exercises in proofreading and editing rough drafts of essays. Download Now Barron’s How to Prepare for theTOEFL Essay pdf Answers to All TOEFL Essay Questions