Check Your English Vocabulary for Medicine – 3rd Edition Free Download
Other / 18 April, 2017

Free Download Check Your English Vocabulary for Medicine: All you need to improve your vocabulary (Check Your Vocabulary) 3rd Edition (ebook,PDF) Check Your English Vocabulary for Medicine by Rawdon Wyatt is a workbook designed to help learners of English improve their knowledge and understanding of core medical terminology. The workbook includes crosswords, puzzles and word games to test and build specialist English vocabulary. The combination of self-study exercises and practical speaking activities mean that this book is ideal for both home and class-based study. Series: Check Your Vocabulary Paperback: 64 pages Publisher: A&C Black; 3rd edition (May 23, 2006) Language: English

IELTS Vocabulary Booster – Artur Krotkov & Nadin Miles
Ebook IELTS / 22 March, 2017

Free Download IELTS Vocabulary Booster – Artur Krotkov & Nadin Miles IELTS Vocabulary Booster will help you achieve the highest possible IELTS score. This book focuses mainly on vocabulary for IELTS Writing Task 2 (and also for speaking, reading and listening parts of IELTS). The book helps you learn new words more than 500 of the most popular topics in the 9 IELTS (education, health, environment, crime and punishment, food, art, Globalization, technology, and outer space). New words are explained, illustrated through pictures and accompanying examples help you to understand new words in context. According to statistics, over 90% of IELTS candidates significantly improved scores IELTS Writing by learning vocabulary section of this book. Of course, this book is valuable not only for you but also for the IELTS test candidates take the TOEFL, SAT, GRE & GMAT and Academic Writing in general.

Cutting Edge – Starter (3rd Revised Edition) 2014 Pearson Longman
Other / 18 February, 2017

Free Download Cutting Edge – Starter (3rd Revised Edition) 2014 Pearson Longman (PDF + Audio CD) Pearson Longman; 3rd Revised Edition, 2014. The new edition includes a new Study, Practice, Remember section and Language live lessons that provide light-hearted contexts for practising functional language and writing. The Students’ DVD-ROM contains all the audio and video clips and a downloadable Vocabulary book. Cutting Edge. Starter. Students’ Book. Sarah Cunningham, Araminta Crace, Peter Moor. (2014, 128p.) Cutting Edge. Starter. Workbook With Key. Sarah Cunningham, Peter Moor, Araminta Crace, Jonathan Bygrave. (2014, 70p.) Cutting Edge. Starter. Teacher’s Resource Book. Sarah Cunningham, Peter Moor with Araminta Crace and Jonathan Bygrave. (2014, 95p.)

Cambridge Vocabulary for Advanced with answers. Haines Simon (Book + Audio CD)
Other / 9 February, 2017

Free Download Cambridge Vocabulary for Advanced with answers. Haines Simon book + Audio CD Cambridge university press, 2012 – 145 p. Are you preparing for the Cambridge English: Advanced exam? Do you want to practise all the vocabulary you need to be confident in the exam? Cambridge Vocabulary for Advanced covers the vocabulary that occurs in the – exam and provides the following: – error warnings to help you avoid common mistakes – regular tests to check your progress – practice exam tasks for the Reading, Writing, Use of English, Listening and Speaking papers – useful tips on how to approach exam tasks – techniques for learning and remembering vocabulary – a full wordlist for easy reference – vocabulary in a listening context Cambridge Vocabulary for Advanced is informed by a bank of real candidate exam papers to ensure that vocabulary is presented in realistic contexts and typical learner errors are highlighted to help candidates avoid common mistakes.

Advanced Everyday English. Collins Steven (Book + Audio CD)
Other / 9 February, 2017

Free Download Advanced Everyday English. Collins Steven book+audio cd Montserrat Publishing, 2011 – 140 p. A self-study method of learning English vocabulary for advanced students. A new version of More Practical Everyday English, book 2 in the Practical Everyday English series. “Once again I have included dialogue and exercises at the end of each chapter, so that you can see how the words are used in free conversation and writing, and test yourself on what you have studied in each chapter. Like the first book, there are three lessons in each chapter and nine chapters in total. My suggestion is to read one lesson a week and then do a revision after finishing each chapter. I hope you enjoy the illustrations too. When you finish each chapter, you should listen to the CD of the dialogues, which will greatly improve your comprehension of the words and expressions you have studied in that particular chapter. Don’t get depressed if you don’t understand everything first time without the book in front of you. This is perfectly normal. Try again while following the dialogue in the book.”

Collins Work On Your Idioms
Other / 5 February, 2017

Collins Work On Your Idioms ebook free download Collins Work on your Idioms features the 300 most commonly used idioms. It provides plenty of useful practice with authentic, up-to-date examples of usage in context. Book structure: Work on your Idioms contains: 25 units covering over 300 of the most common idioms a comprehensive answer key appendices which include: a study guide with tips to help you remember idioms and use them correctly, and a section covering American English versions of the idioms in the units an index to help you find idioms quickly and easily. Idioms are figurative phrases that exist in all languages. They have a literal meaning, but they also have a figurative meaning, which is not always obvious. They form an important part of everyone’s vocabulary and are used both in formal and informal language. They are, however, much more common in informal, spoken English. They should not be confused with slang, which is very often inappropriate in certain social situations. The idioms in this book are grouped by topic to make them easier to remember and to help you use and understand them in everyday situations. The idioms are presented alphabetically and in large bold type…

Improve Your Skills: Listening & Speaking For IELTS 6.0 – 7.5 (Book + Audio CD)
Ebook IELTS / 5 February, 2017

Improve your IELTS Listening and Speaking Skills is a complete preparation course for students at score bands 6.0 – 7.5 preparing for the for the Listening and Speaking components of the International English Language Testing System. Through targeted practice, it develops skills and language to help you achieve a higher IELTS score in these two components. Descriptions: You can use Improve your IELTS Listening and Speaking Skills as a book for studying on your own or in a class. If you are studying on your own, Improve Your IELTS Listening and Speaking Skills is designed to guide you step by step through the activities. The hook is completely self-contained: a clear and accessible key is provided, so you can easily check your answers as you work through the book. There are two CDs which contain all the recorded material necessary for the Listening skills and Speaking skills sections of each unit. If you are studying as part of a class, your teacher will direct you on how to use each activity. Some activities, especially in the Topic talk and Speaking skills sections, provide the opportunity for speaking and discussion practice. How is Improve your IELTS Listening and Speaking Skills organized?…

Cracking the TOEFL iBT – 2008 Edition(College Test Prep) (PDF + Audio)
Ebook TOEFL / 30 December, 2016

Princeton Review, 560 pages, with Audio CD The TOEFL has undergone major changes in recent years. It is now completely computer-based; it’s longer; and it has mandatory Speaking, Listening, and Writing sections. Cracking the TOEFL iBT provides the most comprehensive information available about how to succeed on the exam, complete with an audio CD and full transcript, full-length practice test, and scores of drill questions. In Cracking the TOEFL iBT, The Princeton Review will teach you how to: ·Use our preparation strategies and test-taking techniques to raise your score ·Focus your reading and listening to identify the key parts of passages, lectures, and conversations ·Improve your command of spoken English and your use of good English grammar and vocabulary ·Write top-scoring essays by responding to the specific question asked and organizing your ideas clearly ·Test your knowledge with review questions and practice drills for each topic covered.

English Phrasal Verbs In Use. Michael McCarthy and Felicity O’Dell
Other / 26 November, 2016

Free Download English Phrasal Verbs In Use. Michael McCarthy and Felicity O’Dell English Phrasal Verbs in Use is a vocabulary book for good intermediate Level learners and above. It is primarily designed as a self-stude reference and practice text but it can also be used for classroom work. English Phrasal Verbs in Use – 70 easy-to-use two-page units: phrasal verbs are presented and explained on left-hand pages with a range of practice on right-hand pages. – Presents and explains approximately 1,000 phrasal verbs in typical contexts using tables, charts, short texts and dialogues. – Contains a Mini dictionary with easy-to-understand definitions and cross references to units in the book. – Provides valuable information about appropriate usage. – Promotes good learning habits with study tips and follow-up tasks. – Contains a comprehensive, student-friendly answer key. – Includes the most frequently used phrasal verbs from a corpus of written and spoken English and from the Cambridge International of Phrasal Verbs.