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Young Achievers (7 levels) – Richmond

Download Richmond Young Achievers (7 Levels) Book Audio. Young Achievers is a seven-level course that will challenge and motivate. A blend of skills, a fast-paced grammar syllabus and phonics provides children with a strong foundation. This, combined with a cross-curricular and cultural focus, gives ...Read More

Oxford Teen2Teen

Oxford Teen2Teen 2011-2013. Author: Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher. Oxford Teen2Teen – An American English lower secondary course with a gentle pace and real teen appeal.With its teen appeal and carefully paced syllabus, Teen2Teen makes learning English irresistible and teaching English effortless. Teen2Teen reflects ...Read More

Got It! (4 levels), 1st, 2nd edition

Oxford Got It! (4 levels), 1st, 2nd edition 2011 -2015. Author: Philippa Bowen and Denis Delaney. Oxford Got It! – A four-level American English course for teenage learners. Through a comprehensive and innovative range of resources, Got it! uses hands-on language presentations to help ...Read More

My Next Grammar, 1st edition – Efuture

Download My Next Grammar, 1st edition – Efuture (student’s book, teacher’s manual, workbook, audio,…). My Next Grammar is the following series to My First Grammar. Constructed with the learner at the center of the design, the grammar concepts and activities included in this book ...Read More

Cambridge Think (6 Levels)

Download Cambridge Think 5 Levels Student’s Book + Teacher’s Book + Workbook Class CDs + Presentation Plus DVD-ROM 2015, 2016. Herbert Puchta, Jeff Stranks, Peter Lewis-Jones. Think is a vibrant course designed to engage teenage learners and make them think. As well as building ...Read More

Oxford Discover (6 Levels)

Download Oxford Discover 6 Levels The Full Sets Student’s Book + Teacher’s Book + Audio CDs + Video DVD. Using an inquiry-based approach to learning, Oxford Discover develops the communication skills and thinking skills students need for success in the 21st century. What is ...Read More