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English for Business Studies, Third Edition (Cambridge)

Download Now English for Business Studies, Third Edition (Cambridge University Press) 2010, Ian MacKenzie. English for Business Studies Third Edition reflects recent changes in the world’s business and economic environment, featuring new units including Corporate Social Responsibility and Venture Capital. Covering the most important ...Read More

Professional English in Use Marketing

Free Download Professional English in Use: Marketing, Cambridge University Press, Cate Farrall, Marianne Lindsley, 2008 (PDF). Professional English in Use Marketing contains 50 units covering a wide variety of marketing vocabulary. Topics include marketing basics, the full ‘marketing mix’, research, PR, and marketing communications. Primarily ...Read More

Oxford English for Aviation Free Download

Oxford English for Aviation – Sue Ellis, Terence Gerighly 2008 (Book + Audio CD). A new series of short, specialist English courses for professions such as human resources, or marketing and advertising, and work skills such as telephoning, meetings, and presentations. Each course can ...Read More

Test Your Professional English Marketing

Free Download Test Your Professional English Marketing book,pdf This practical series includes a number of specialist titles which help students communicate more effectively. Each book contains over 60 tests and over 500 key words and expressions. They are ideal for class use or self-study. Download ...Read More
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