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Oxford Discover, Second Edition

Download Oxford Discover 1-6, English Course for Schools, Second Edition 2019 (PDF, MP3, AVI, DOC). The 2nd edition of Oxford Discover builds on it’s tried and tested methodology, developing 21st Century Skills in critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity to prepare students for future ...Read More

Steps in English by Oxford

Steps in English by Oxford. Publisher: Oxford University Press. Author: Tim Falla, Paul A. Davies, Sylvia Wheeldon, Paul Shipton, Ewa Palczak, Magdalena Szpotowicz (PDF, Mp3, Docx). A modern course for grades 4-6 elementary school, written in accordance with the latest guidelines of the core ...Read More

Oxford Writing Tutor

Oxford University Press. Oxford Writing Tutor 2010 (PDF).   The Writing Tutor consists of a selection of skills pages with information on how to write different types of texts, including essays, CVs, letters, movie reports, etc. Each of the skills pages comes with an ...Read More

Business Result (6 Level) Second Edition

Business Result (6 Level) Second Edition  2017,2018. Oxford University Press. Author: David Grant, Nina Leeke John Hughes, Rebecca Turner (PDF, Audio CD, Video). Business Result Second Edition offers business professionals more communication and language practice than ever before, helping students develop relevant communication skills they can ...Read More

Oxford English Grammar Course (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)

Oxford English Grammar Course (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced) 2016/2011/2012. Author: Michael Swan, Catherine Walter. Oxford University Press (Book, Audio CD, CDRom). A new three-level grammar course by award-winning authors Michael Swan and Catherine Walter which offers step-by-step presentation and plenty of practice. ‘Pronunciation for grammar’ ...Read More

Oxford International Express, Third Edition

Oxford International Express Third Edition, 2015. Author : Liz Tailor, Rachel Appleby, Angela Buckingham, Keith Harding, Alastair Lane, Bryan Stephens, Frances Watkins (PDF, MP3, WMA, CD-Exe). Oxford International Express Third Edition This completely revised International Express, with 100% new material, meets all the practical language ...Read More

American English File by Oxford

American English File by Oxford. Author: Clive Oxenden, Christina Latham-Koenig, and Paul Seligson 2008 ( PDF, MP3, AVI, CD-exe (NRG)). Four-skills American English course with a communicative methodology, engaging texts, and a strong pronunciation syllabus – designed to get students speaking. American English File gets students ...Read More

English Result by Oxford

English Result (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate) 2008. Author: Mark Hancock and Annie McDonald (PDF, MP3, CD-EXE, AVI). A new general English course with a strong focus on student motivation and communicative speaking outcomes. Package includes DVDs and interactive whiteboard resources.English Result offers a fresh ...Read More
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