Flash on English for Transport and Logistics (Book + Audio + Answer key and Transcripts)


Flash on English for Transport and Logistics introduces the key concepts in the transport, logistics and aviation industries. Through 11 short, topic-based units, this course offers thorough vocabulary development and skills practice in realistic contexts. Pre-intermediate / Intermediate CEFR A2 / B1


Book: [su_button url=”https://new.vk.com/doc197871620_225511897?hash=45c0609e522ebecc04&dl=1e0bb4c52b7f2b01ce”]VK[/su_button] [su_button url=”https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3guNCgkU1iQeEFONm1hUUdIS0U/view”]Drive[/su_button]
Audio: [su_button url=”https://new.vk.com/doc197871620_225512169?hash=44c29ec94107a5d76c&dl=6a7a78dfe68569e652″]VK[/su_button]
Answer key and Transcripts: [su_button url=”https://new.vk.com/doc197871620_225512179?hash=d7ccf8f6d12e7f4a87&dl=f0cb9ac3d71551d257″]VK[/su_button]


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