American English File (Third Edition) 6 Levels

Download American English File 3rd Edition by Oxford 2020 (PDF). Author: Clive Oxenden, Christina Latham-Koenig, and Paul Seligson.

American English File – Third Edition

American English File Third Edition builds on tried and trusted methodology and contains uniquely motivating lessons and activities that encourage students to discuss topics with confidence.
The course offers a range of materials that you can use according to your students’ needs and the time and resources you have available:

  • Student Book with Online Practice allows students to practice and develop their language skills, catch up on lessons they have missed and track progress with Online Practice.
  • Workbook reinforces each lesson and can be used as extra practice during class, or set as homework.
  • Enhanced video integrated into the Student Book. Video listenings integrated into each even-numbered File. Practical English activities follow the entertaining drama with Rob and Jenny. In addition, the interactive videos allow students to practice the language from the Practical English lessons.
  • Online Practice with Sound Bank Videos gives the students the unique opportunity to listen to a clear model of the English sounds.
  • Teacher’s Guide with Teacher Resource Center gives you everything you need to create flexible lessons that work for your students.
  • Student Book and Workbook Classroom Presentation Tools show the course content on screen, making it easier than ever for teachers to deliver heads-up, engaging lessons.
  • Quick tests and File tests for every File, as well as Progress Tests, an End-of-course Test, and an Entry Test, which you can use at the beginning of the course.

Key Features:

  • New and updated texts, topics, and listenings based on feedback from American English File teachers.
  • New Teacher Resource Center allows you to manage all course resources and teaching materials in one place online.
  • New video listening activity integrated into each even-numbered File. These short documentaries and dramas make class time more dynamic and exciting.
  • New Classroom Presentation Tool shows course content on screen, making it easier than ever for teachers to deliver heads-up, engaging lessons.
  • New Online Practice provides learners with extra practice activities for each File and allows them to check their progress.
  • New Sound Bank videos provide a unique opportunity to watch and listen to a clear model of the English sounds.
  • New interactive videos enable students to listen and record themselves as part of the Rob and Jenny drama.

Good quality material.
Download the sample to your device to preview.
DEMO (Sample page)

AEF Level Starter(3e) Student’s Book.pdf
AEF Level Starter(3e) Workbook.pdf
AEF Level Starter(3e) Teacher’s Guide.pdf
AEF Level Starter(3e) SB WB
AEF Level Starter(3e)

AEF Level 1 (3e) Student’s Book.pdf
AEF Level 1 (3e) Workbook.pdf
AEF Level 1 (3e) Teacher’s Guide.pdf
AEF Level 1 (3e) SB WB
AEF Level 1 (3e)

AEF Level 2 (3e) Student’s Book.pdf
AEF Level 2 (3e) Workbook.pdf
AEF Level 2 (3e) Teacher’s Guide.pdf
AEF Level 2 (3e) SB WB
AEF Level 2 (3e)

AEF Level 3 (3e) Student’s Book.pdf
AEF Level 3 (3e) Workbook.pdf
AEF Level 3 (3e) Teacher’s Guide.pdf
AEF Level 3 (3e) SB WB
AEF Level 3 (3e)

AEF Level 4 (3e) Student’s Book.pdf
AEF Level 4 (3e) Workbook.pdf
AEF Level 4 (3e) Teacher’s Guide.pdf
AEF Level 4 (3e) SB WB
AEF Level 4 (3e)

AEF Level 5 (3e) Student’s Book.pdf
AEF Level 5 (3e) Workbook.pdf
AEF Level 5 (3e) Teacher’s Guide.pdf
AEF Level 5 (3e) SB WB
AEF Level 5 (3e)

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