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Go Getter (4 Levels) PDF, Sources, ActiveTeach

Download Go Getter (4 Levels) PDF, Sources, ActiveTeach. English type: British English. Understanding that teenagers today live in a fast-moving, dynamic world governed by new technologies, GoGetter provides learning solutions focused on motivating, inspiring and developing young minds within a positive classroom environment. PDF ...Read More

Lift (4 Levels) National Geographic

Download Lift (4 Levels) National Geographic, American English (PDF, Sources). LANGUAGE, LITERACY AND CONTENT FOR CONTINUED ACADEMIC SUCCESS IN ENGLISH. Lift prepares multilingual teenagers with the academic language and literacy skills they need to study cross-curricular subjects and literature from around the world, participate ...Read More

New Close-up (Third Edition) 5 Levels

New Close-up helps learners get closer to the world through dynamic photography, video and real-world stories from National Geographic. Relevant, global topics, paired with a comprehensive four-skills syllabus, promote the key language and life skills teenagers need to succeed in international exams, in the ...Read More

Macmillan Gateway (2nd Edition)

Macmillan Gateway (2nd Edition) – Download PDF, Mp3, WMA, ISO. Gateway 2nd Edition maintains the clear structure of the 1st Edition, including regular recycling of vocabulary and grammar and step-by-step development of writing and speaking skills. With exam practice and exam-style tasks embedded throughout the ...Read More