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Impact (American English) 5 Levels – NGL

Download Impact (American English) 5 Levels CENGAGE NGL. Student’s Book, Workbook, Lesson Planner, Audio, Video, [...]

Own It! (4 Levels) Cambridge

Download Cambridge Own It! (4 Levels) It’s your world. Student’s Book, Workbook Resources, Teacher’s Resources, [...]

Time Zones (Third Edition) 5 Levels – PDF, Resources, Classroom Presentation Tool

Download Time Zones (Third Edition) 5 Levels National Geographic Learning. Book PDF, Sources, Audio, Classroom [...]

Get Together, Second edition

Download Oxford Get Together 2nd edition. Language Level: Beginner to Intermediate. Get Together offers a [...]

Got It! (4 levels) 1st edition

Oxford Got It! (4 levels), 1st edition 2011. Author: Philippa Bowen and Denis Delaney. Oxford [...]


Focus (Second Edition) 5 Levels

Download Focus (2nd Edition) 5 Levels, Pearson Education, 2020 (PDF, MP3) Student’s book, Teacher’s Book, [...]

Shape It! (4 Levels) – PDF, Sources, Presentation Plus, Test Generator

Download Shape It! by Cambridge (4 levels) Student’s Book, Workbook, Audio CDs, Teacher’s Resources, Presentation [...]

Eyes Open (4 Levels) – PDF, Resources, Presentation Plus

Download Cambridge Eyes Open РEnglish Course for Middle School. Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Discovery Educations. [...]

Teen2Teen (4 Levels) – PDF, Resources, iTools

Download Oxford Teen2Teen 2011-2013 PDF, Audio, Video, iTools, Resources,…….. Author: Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher. [...]