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Download Evolve – Cambridge University Press. American English 2019, 2020 (PDF, Audio CD, Video, Presentation Plus, Test Generator, Browser Games).


EVOLVE is a six-level English course that gets students speaking with confidence.
Drawing on insights from language teaching experts and real students, the Student’s Book covers all skills and focuses on the most effective and efficient ways to make progress in English. Each of the 12 units in the book features ‘Time to speak’, a lesson where decision-making and problem-solving tasks enable speaking to thrive.

Evolve 6 Levels

Evolve 1 Student’s Book.pdf
Evolve 1 SB Audio + Scripts
Evolve 1 Workbook.pdf
Evolve 1 WB Audio + Script

Evolve 1 Teacher’s Edition.pdf
Evolve 1 Video Resourse book.pdf

Evolve 1 Video + Scripts
Evolve 1 Browser Games

Evolve 1 Tests
Evolve Reading Extracts Level 1 A1 Teacher Support

Evolve 2 Student’s Book.pdf
Evolve 2 SB Audio + Scripts
Evolve 2 Workbook.pdf
Evolve 2 WB Audio + Script
Evolve 2 Teacher’s Edition.pdf
Evolve 2 Video Resourse book.pdf

Evolve 2 Video + Scripts
Evolve 2 Browser Games
Evolve 2 Tests
Evolve Reading Extracts Level 2 A2 Teacher Support

Evolve 3 Student’s Book.pdf
Evolve 3 SB Audio + Scripts
Evolve 3 Workbook.pdf
Evolve 3 WB Audio + Script
Evolve 3 Teacher’s Edition.pdf
Evolve 3 Video Resourse book.pdf

Evolve 3 Video + Scripts
Evolve 3 Browser Games
Evolve 3 Tests

Evolve Reading Extracts Level 3 B1 Teacher Support

Evolve 4 Student’s Book.pdf
Evolve 4 SB Audio + Scripts
Evolve 4 Workbook.pdf
Evolve 4 WB Audio + Script
Evolve 4 Teacher’s Edition.pdf
Evolve 4 Video Resourse book.pdf

Evolve 4 Video + Scripts
Evolve 4 Browser Games
Evolve 4 Tests

Evolve Reading Extracts Level 4 B1+ Teacher Support

Evolve 5 Student’s Book.pdf
Evolve 5 SB Audio + Scripts
Evolve 5 Workbook.pdf
Evolve 5 WB Audio + Script
Evolve 5 Teacher’s Edition.pdf
Evolve 5 Video Resourse book.pdf

Evolve 5 Video + Scripts
Evolve 5 Browser Games
Evolve 5 Tests

Evolve Reading Extracts Level 5 B2 Teacher Support

Evolve 6 Student’s Book.pdf
Evolve 6 SB Audio + Scripts
Evolve 6 Workbook.pdf
Evolve 6 WB Audio + Script
Evolve 6 Teacher’s Edition.pdf
Evolve 6 Video Resourse book.pdf

Evolve 6 Video + Scripts
Evolve 6 Browser Games
Evolve 6 Tests

Evolve Reading Extracts Level 6 C1 Teacher Support

Evolve. Placement Test
Evolve. Placement Test Audio

Evolve Presentation Plus (Windows)

Evolve Level 1 Presentation Plus (Windows)
Evolve Level 2 Presentation Plus (Windows)
Evolve Level 3 Presentation Plus (Windows)
Evolve Level 4 Presentation Plus (Windows)
Evolve Level 5 Presentation Plus (Windows)
Evolve Level 6 Presentation Plus (Windows)

Evolve Presentation Plus (Mac)

Evolve Presentation Plus Level 1 (Mac)
Evolve Presentation Plus Level 2 (Mac)
Evolve Presentation Plus Level 3 (Mac)
Evolve Presentation Plus Level 4 (Mac)
Evolve Presentation Plus Level 5 (Mac)
Evolve Presentation Plus Level 6 (Mac)

Evolve TestGenerator Software

Evolve Level 1 TestGenerator
Evolve Level 2 TestGenerator
Evolve Level 3 TestGenerator
Evolve Level 4 TestGenerator
Evolve Level 5 TestGenerator
Evolve Level 6 TestGenerator

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