StartUp (8 Levels) PDF, Audio, Video, ActiveTeach

Download StartUp by Longman Pearson – general English course for adults and young adults (Student Book, Teacher’s Book, Audio CD, Video, ActiveTeach) 2018-2020.

StartUp by Longman Pearson

StartUp by Pearson Longman is the new general English course for adults and young adults who want to make their way in the world and need English to do it.
This innovative eight-level, multi-skills course is a complete language program. It motivates 21st century learners with relevant and media-rich content, and provides teachers with robust support to make teaching personalizable and easy.
StartUp is a flexible blended course that includes the Pearson Practice English App that takes learners from the page to mobile learning anywhere, anytime. It brings the world into the classroom and takes the classroom into the world, putting learners at its center.

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StartUp (8 Levels) PDF, Audio, Video:
StartUp 1. Student Book.pdf
StartUp 1. Workbook.pdf
StartUp 1. Teacher’s Book.pdf
StartUp 1. Student Book Audio
StartUp 1. Video

StartUp 2. Student Book.pdf
StartUp 2. Workbook.pdf
StartUp 2. Teacher’s Book.pdf
StartUp 2. Student Book Audio
StartUp 2. Video

StartUp 3. Student Book.pdf
StartUp 3. Workbook.pdf
StartUp 3. Teacher’s Book.pdf
StartUp 3. Student Book Audio
StartUp 3. Video

StartUp 4. Student Book.pdf
StartUp 4. Workbook.pdf
StartUp 4. Teacher’s Book.pdf
StartUp 4. Student Book Audio
StartUp 4. Video

StartUp 5. Student Book.pdf
StartUp 5. Workbook.pdf
StartUp 5. Teacher’s Book.pdf
StartUp 5. Student Book Audio
StartUp 5. Video

StartUp 6. Student Book.pdf
StartUp 6. Workbook.pdf
StartUp 6. Teacher’s Book.pdf
StartUp 6. Student Book Audio
StartUp 6. Video

StartUp 7. Student Book.pdf
StartUp 7. Workbook.pdf
StartUp 7. Teacher’s Book.pdf
StartUp 7. Student Book Audio
StartUp 7. Video

StartUp 8. Student Book.pdf
StartUp 8. Workbook.pdf
StartUp 8. Teacher’s Book.pdf
StartUp 8. Student Book Audio
StartUp 8. Video
StartUp (8 Levels) ActiveTeach:
StartUp Level 1 ActiveTeach
StartUp Level 2 ActiveTeach
StartUp Level 3 ActiveTeach
StartUp Level 4 ActiveTeach
StartUp Level 5 ActiveTeach
StartUp Level 6 ActiveTeach
StartUp Level 7 ActiveTeach
StartUp Level 8 ActiveTeach

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