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Free Download Natural English | 4 Levels (PDF, Audio, Tests, Resources) | Oxford 2007.

A modern course centring around a natural English syllabus strand, effective teaching of listening, and opportunities for teacher development.
Students at intermediate level and above have gaps in their language knowledge and performance which inhibit their progress. The natural English syllabus is based on research into these language gaps and the course brings together current ideas in a stylish, principled, and easy-to-teach set of materials.

Key featuresnatural English is a syllabus strand which enables students to integrate frequent, natural language into their language framework.
Students learn to use real language naturally, through thinking and rehearsal time, confidence-building practice, and task-centred speaking.

The listening syllabus teaches students how to listen. A slot-in listening booklet features the tapescripts plus decoding and pronunciation exercises.
Teacher’s Book lesson plans, a product of the authors’ teacher training expertise, talk teachers through the course materials.
Teacher’s Book chapters cover teaching principles, techniques, and ideas, plus a selected bibliography.
Humour engages and motivates through cartoons, jokes, and the listening and reading material.
Join the Oxford Teacher’s Club for access to the natural English website, which offers downloadable and customizable course materials, additional teaching, teacher training, and revision resources.
Reading and Writing Skills Resource Book:
– photocopiable resource for teachers.
– use with natural English student’s book or on its own.
– based on authentic texts and tasks.
– develops ‘real life’ reading and writing skills.

>Download Natural English Elemenatry Workbook.pdf
>Download Natural English Elementary Teacher’s Book.pdf
>Download Natural English Elemenary Reading & Writing skills.pdf
>Download Natural English Elementary Resources
>Download Natural English Elementary Audio
>Download Natural English Pre-Intermediate Reading and Writing Skills.pdf
>Download Natural English Pre-Intermediate test booklet.pdf
>Download Natural English. Pre-Intermediate Resources
>Download Natural English Intermediate Student’s Book.pdf
>Download Natural English Intermediate Workbook with Key.pdf
>Download Natural English Intermediate Teacher’s Book.pdf
>Download Natural English Reading & Writing Skills Intermediate Resource Book.pdf
>Download Natural English Intermediate Audio
>Download Natural English Upper-Intermediate. Student’s Book.pdf
>Download Natural English Upper-Intermediate Teacher’s Book.pdf
>Download Natural English Upper Intermediate Puzzle Book.pdf
>Download Natural English Upper-Intermediate Listening Booklet.pdf
>Download Natural English Reading & Writing Skills Upper-Intermediate Resource Book.pdf
>Download Natural English New Words Booster worksheets
>Download 50 Natural English Tips.pdf

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