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Download Open World (A2, B1, B2, C1) PDF, Presentation Plus+Test Generator.

Open World

Open World is an exciting new course from Cambridge which takes you further. Embark on a journey beyond the traditional boundaries between exam preparation and real-world language.

Each unit in the Student’s Book explores a different topic, allowing students to build up their confidence as they acquire the language and skills needed for everyday English situations as well as exams.
A unique exam journey maximises students’ performance, providing a systematic route to exam success. Exam Training tasks expose the learners to each exam question-type, giving them the confidence to progress to full task practice in the Exam focus, drawing upon Exam tips and Exam facts throughout.
Real World sections open up language knowledge with listenings, videos and texts introducing common yet surprising expressions, while mobile animations spark learning before or after class with Grammar on the move.


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Open World Key A2 Student’s Book (p.248).pdf
Open World Key A2 Teacher’s Book (p.192).pdf
Open World Key A2 Workbook (p.64).pdf
Open World Preliminary B1 Student’s Book (p.248).pdf
Open World Preliminary B1 Teacher’s Book (p.214).pdf
Open World Preliminary B1 Workbook (p.64).pdf
Open World First B2 Student’s Book (p.257).pdf
Open World First B2 Teacher’s Book (p.208).pdf
Open World First B2 Workbook (p.64).pdf
Open World Advanced C1 Student’s Book (p.231).pdf
Open World Advanced C1 Teacher’s Book (p.195).pdf
Open World Advanced C1 Workbook (p.64).pdf

Open World Key A2 Presentation Plus
Open World Key A2 Test Generator

Open World Preliminary B1 Presentation Plus
Open World Preliminary B1 Test Generator

Open World First B2 Presentation Plus
Open World First B2 Test Generator

Open World Advanced C1 Presentation Plus
Open World Advanced C1 Test Generator

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