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W hat’s in this book? Words, words, and more words. Word roots, word suffixes, and word prefixes. And you’re
reading this book because you have an interest in words — how to use them, how to make the most of them,
and how to figure out the meaning of new words.
Whether you’re facing standardized tests and want to get your vocabulary up to snuff, or you’re wanting to improve
your language skills to feel more knowledgeable at work or comfortable in social situations, this is the
book for you
Dr. Laurie Rozakis earned her Ph.D. in English and American Literature from the State University of New York
at Stony Brook. An Associate Professor of English at the State University of New York College of Technology
at Farmingdale, Dr. Rozakis has published more than one hundred books and scores of articles. In addition
to Vocabulary For Dummies, her publications include trade books, young adult books, textbooks, biographies,
reference books, and articles.
Dr. Rozakis frequently appears on television, including the CBS Morning Show; the Maury Povich Show; Fox
Good Day, New York; Metro Relationships; and Fox Personal F/X. Her career and books have been profiled in
The New York Times, the New York Daily News, Time magazine, and the Chicago Tribune. Dr. Rozakis does a
monthly Internet show for yo.com.
About This Book
Conventions Used in This Book
Special Features
How This Book Is Organized
Icons Used in This Book
Where to Go from Here
Getting Your Bearings
Figuring Out How Words Work
Building Your Vocabulary
Picking Up Meaning
Using the Right Word
Mastering the Basics
Getting to the Root of the Matter
Starting Off with Prefixes
Ending Well: Suffixes
Expanding Your Base
Shading Meaning: Synonyms, Antonyms, Connotations, Denotations
Hear Your Homonyms and Homophones Here
Compounding Words
Romancing English: Words from French, Spanish, and Italian
Borrowing from the Neighbors: Words from Other Languages
Getting Savvy with Vocabulary
Trying Your Skills on Standardized Tests
Taking Care of Business Vocabulary
Mutterings on Money Matters
Speaking Legalese
Doctoring Your Words: Medical Terms
Acquiring Shopping and Eating Language
Expanding the Language: Recent Additions
Exploring Words from Real and Mythical People and Places
The Part of Tens
Don’t Go There: Language to Avoid
Distinctions Worth Making
Ten Techniques for Nonnative Speakers

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