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World Class (2 Level) National Geographic

Download World Class (two level) National Geographic, Student’s book. workbook, video, cd rom.

World Class (2 Level) National Geographic

World Class is a two-level series from National Geographic Learning for high-intermediate and advanced English language learners. This integrated-skills program uses National Geographic content, images, and video to help learners expand their overall fluency while developing the tools and strategies necessary for effective, real-world communication.

Stunning images and thought-provoking questions encourage learners to think critically
Expanding Your Fluency allows learners to apply the language they have learned throughout the unit in real-world tasks
The Writing section includes writing models to prompt learners to complete a functional piece of writing.
Clearly stated Unit Outcomes provide a roadmap of learning for the student


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World Class 1 Student’s Book.pdf
World Class 1 CDROM
World Class 1 Video
World Class 1 WorkBook.pdf

World Class 2 Student’s Book.pdf
World Class 2 CDROM
World Class 2 Video
World Class 2 WorkBook.pdf

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