Cambridge Checkpoint 8

Cambridge Checkpoint 8 (PDF)

Checkpoint English 8
Checkpoint English 8

Author : Marian Cox

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

Year : 2014

Language : English

Checkpoint English is a lively, colourful course that provides endorsed coverage of the Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum framework for English. The series is a comprehensive, structured resource that combines coursebooks, workbooks and teacher resources that will support students through the five framework content areas: Phonics, Spelling and Vocabulary; Grammar and Punctuation; Reading; Writing; Speaking and Listening. The Checkpoint English series helps students to develop a first language competency in English through rigorous language practice and explanation of key concepts. The Cambridge approach encourages exploration of a wide range of texts to instil a life-long interest in literature in students. Written by experienced authors and trainers, you can be sure that the quality and coverage is stimulating, effective and academically sound. This published series has been checked against and mapped to the new Cambridge Lower Secondary English curriculum framework.

Cambridge Checkpoint English is a series of resources based on the new Cambridge Secondary 1 curriculum framework for English (as a first language) covering three years of study in Stages 7–9 (typically ages 11–14). Written by experienced authors, the Cambridge Checkpoint series provides carefully crafted coursebooks to support the Cambridge Secondary 1 programme in English. Each coursebook is accompanied by a workbook and teacher’s resource CD-ROM.

Set :

Cambridge Checkpoint English 7
Cambridge Checkpoint English 9


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Cambridge Checkpoint English 8 Workbook.pdf (96p)
Cambridge Checkpoint English 8 Coursebook.pdf (190p)
Cambridge Checkpoint Science Coursebook 8.pdf (190p)
Cambridge Checkpoint Mathematics Practice Book 8.pdf (98p)
Cambridge Checkpoint Mathematics Course Book 8.pdf (190p)

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