Your Space (3 Levels) – Cambridge

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Your Space (3 Levels) – Cambridge

Your Space is a three-level course designed to motivate students as they change and grow. Your Space links your students’ own world to the language classroom, giving them ‘space’ to explore and develop their English language skills, and takes them step by step through the language they need at this level. There is an emphasis on achievement from the start. It encourages learner autonomy while recognising that learners need feedback and a sense of progress to maintain momentum. Students are supported to explore and personalise new language, they are provided with models and guidance to communicate effectively and with confidence in everyday situations. Topics have been chosen to engage and educate the digital generation and bring a world they can relate to into the classroom. Learners are exposed to a wide variety of language in authentic contexts and provided with the tools they need to produce their very own English. A highly interactive Web Zone provides a real incentive to practice language at home.


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Your Space 1 Student’s Book.pdf
Your space 1
Your space 1
Your space 1
Your Space 1 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Your Space 1 Workbook.pdf
Your Space 1 Workbook CD.rar
Your Space 1 Tests CD.rar
Your Space 1. CLIL Worksheets and Classroom Audio.rar
Your Space 1. Culture Worksheets and Classroom
Your Space 1. Wordbanks Worksheets and Classroom Audio.rar

Your Space 2. Student’s Book.pdf
Your Space 2 Audio CD
Your Space 2 Workbook.pdf
Your Space 2 Workbook CD.rar
Your Space 2 Tests CD.rar
Your Space 2. CLIL Worksheets and Classroom
Your Space 2. Culture Worksheets and Classroom Audio.rar
Your Space 2. Speaking Banks Worksheets.rar

Your Space 3 Student’s
Your Space 3 Audio CD
Your Space 3 Workbook.pdf
Your Space 3 Workbook CD.rar
Your Space 3 Tests
Your Space 3 Tests Garan Holcombe with Martyn Hobbs and Julia
Your Space 3. CLIL Worksheets and Classroom Audio.rar
Your Space 3. Speaking Banks
Your Space 3. Wordbanks Worksheets and Classroom Audio.rar

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