Cambridge Little Steps (3 Levels)

A three-level language and early literacy course for very young children that turns stories, Big Questions, phonics and creative play into opportunities for learning to communicate, collaborate and think creatively in English.

Cambridge Little Steps (3 Levels)

Step into the world of Cambridge Little Steps, a language and early literacy course that gets very young children communicating in English while nurturing their key life competencies and human values needed to become kind, creative individuals ready to make the most of life’s opportunities. Explore: beautiful stories that develop rich, natural vocabulary along with emotional competencies and values; Big Questions that encourage children to investigate real-life topics from different angles; support for early literacy and basic math skills; playful activities and class projects that promote collaboration and turn learning into fun!

Cambridge Little Steps (PDF, Audio)

Little Steps 1 Student’s Book.pdf
Little Steps 1 Big Book.pdf
Little Steps 1 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Little Steps 1 Flashcards (+ Audio).zip
Little Steps 1

Little Steps 2 Student’s Book.pdf
Little Steps 2 Big Book.pdf
Little Steps 2 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Little Steps 2 Flashcards (+ Audio).zip
Little Steps 2

Little Steps 3 Student’s Book.pdf
Little Steps 3 Big Book.pdf
Little Steps 3 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Little Steps 3 Flashcards (+ Audio).zip
Little Steps 3

Cambridge Little Steps (Presentation Plus)

Little Steps 1 Presentation Plus (Windows)
Little Steps 2 Presentation Plus (Windows)
Little Steps 3 Presentation Plus (Windows)

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