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Click On – Express Publishing

Download Click On – Express Publishing (Virginia Evans – Neil O’ Sullivan) PDF, Mp3, 2008-2014

Click On – Express Publishing

Click On is a five-level course consisting of five modules each for learners of English from complete beginner to intermediate level. In full colour, the course combines active English language learning with a variety of lively topics presented in themed units. Its well-organised syllabus promotes the gradual development of all four language skills needed by learners to communicate effectively in English. The cross-cultural approach of the course stimulates learners’ interest, focusing on topics carefully chosen to motivate. The Studentґs Book and the Workbook for each level are designed to be covered in approximately 80 to 100 hours of classroom work.

Key features:
– realistic stimulating dialogues featuring people in everyday situations
– development of vocabulary and grammar skills through interactive tasks
– clear presentation and through practice of the target language
– carefully controlled dialogues for learners to reproduce
– wide variety of listening practice
– Writing sections containing models and projects work
– Variety of stimulating and interesting texts
– Pronunciation sections, games and songs
– Regular revision units
– A story in seven episodes, giving learners the chance to have fun while learning
– Fully dramatized audio CDs
– A full-colour Workbook with a separate grammar section

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