Get Together | Second edition, 4 Levels (PDF Resources) | Free Download

Download Oxford Get Together 2nd edition. Language Level: Beginner to Intermediate. Get Together offers a balance of language and skills, with ample practice to build confidence.

Get Together, Second edition

Get Together is a four-level series for young adolescents that features four storylines per level to motivate students with themes that relate English to other subject areas.

Get Together | Second edition, Level 1 | Free Download
>Download Get-Toghether-1-SB.pdf
>Download Get-Toghether-1-WB.pdf
>Download Get-Toghether-1-Audio.rar
Get Together | Second edition, Level 2 | Free Download
>Download Get-Toghether-2-SB.pdf
>Download Get-Toghether-2-WB.pdf
>Download Get-Toghether-2-Audio.rar
Get Together | Second edition, Level 3 | Free Download
>Download Get-Toghether-3-SB.pdf
>Download Get-Toghether-3-WB.pdf
>Download Get-Toghether-3-Audio.rar
Get Together | Second edition, Level 4 | Free Download
>Download Get-Toghether-4-SB.pdf
>Download Get-Toghether-4-WB.pdf
>Download Get-Toghether-4-Audio.rar

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