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Download Hey Friends by Longman Pearson 2018 (PDF, MP3) Author: F. Foster, B. Brown, A. Verdelli, Ma. S. Cormick.

Hey Friends

Hey Friends is a dynamic, solid and fun series for primary pupils with 1 to 3 periods of English a week. Designed to encourage students’ learning of English as a social adventure while learning about their own and other cultures.
Hey Friends! fosters the development of critical thinking skills, values and social skills while adhering to the national and local curricula. Set in a fun and entertaining environment, the series is full of songs, games and the powerful combination of fantasy and reality.

Hey Friends Starter A Students Book.pdf
Hey Friends Starter A-B Flashcards.pdf
Hey Friends Starter B Students Book.pdf
Hey Friends Starter B Class Audio CD
Hey Friends Starter B Teacher’s book.pdf
Hey Friends Starter B Workbook.pdf
Hey Friends Starter B Workbook Key.pdf

Hey Friends 1 Students Book.pdf
Hey Friends 1 Class Audio CD
Hey Friends 1 Tests Audio
Hey Friends 1 Flashcards.pdf
Hey Friends 1 Teacher’s book.pdf
Hey Friends 1 Workbook.pdf
Hey Friends 1 WB ANSWER KEY.pdf

Hey Friends 2 Students Book.pdf
Hey Friends 2 Class Audio CD
Hey Friends 2 Tests Audio
Hey Friends 2 Flashcards.pdf
Hey Friends 2 Teacher’s book.pdf
Hey Friends 2 Workbook.pdf
Hey Friends 2 WB ANSWER KEY.pdf

Hey Friends 3 Student book.pdf
Hey Friends 3 Class Audio CD
Hey Friends 3 Tests Audio
Hey Friends 3 Flashcards.pdf
Hey Friends 3 Teacher’s book.pdf

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