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IELTS Advantage Reading Skills (PDF +Audio)


IELTS Advantage: Reading Skills is a fully comprehensive resource for passing the IELTS Academic Reading Test with a grade of 6.5–7.0 or higher. Students who are taking the General IELTS Test can also benefit from the book. This book teaches a range of key strategies for reading more effectively and for understanding texts more easily, such as skimming, scanning and speed-reading techniques , helping students to get a better result in the Reading paper.

– Suitable for classroom study or self-study

– Includes answer key

– Includes additional sections to help students with core skills needed for IELTS:

– Useful websites for hours of IELTS reading practice

– Problems to avoid when filling in the answer sheet

– Tips for effective vocabulary skills

– How to get the most from your dictionary

– A summary of IELTS tips

– How this book helps prepare for the other IELTS papers


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