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Macmillan Straightforward, Second Edition

Free Download [Macmillan] Straightforward Second Edition ( Beginner ● Elementary ● Pre-Intermediate● Intermediate ● Upper-Intermediate ● Advanced).

Macmillan Straightforward, Second Edition

Straightforward Second edition is a 6-level English course that takes young adult and adult learners from beginner through to advanced level using a methodical structure that encourages multi-skilled learning.

Straightforward Second edition builds on the series’ strong foundations, with content that is relevant to the modern, fast-paced world. Topics, articles and exercises appear in an intuitive design that is easy to follow and teach straight off the page. The flexible course structure delivers grammar in easily digestible segments and extensive productive skills development and practice is provided through the input and extra communication pages.

Key features

  • Video material from the BBC and ITN with worksheets and additional videos help to engage students and give real context.
  • Each Student’s Book includes self-assessment tools allowing learners to track and monitor their own progress.
  • The series is acclaimed for its Teacher’s Book, written by the guru of teaching practice and instruction, Jim Scrivener.
  • The Teacher’s Resource website offers comprehensive teaching support, including CEFR checklists and information guides, as well as tips from Jim Scrivener.
  • The Straightforward Digital disk and eBook enable simultaneous display of course assets for flexible teaching and learning and can be used on interactive whiteboards, projectors or simply on a laptop.
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