Oxford Living Grammar

Download Oxford University Press. Author: Ken Paterson, Mark Harrison, and Norman Coe 2009.

Oxford Living Grammar

Oxford Living Grammar takes a practical approach to grammar. A three-level series where students learn and practise grammar in everyday contexts.

The CD-ROM at each level includes:
– Interactive grammar exercises providing extra practice.
– Links to Word focus exercises. Listening and reading mazes where students choose what happens in a dialogue or story.
– Opportunity for students to record and listen to themselves participating in the listening mazes.
– Tests to check progress.


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Oxford Living Grammar Extra tests with Answer Key.rar

Oxford Living Grammar Elementary. Student’s Book.pdf
Oxford Living Grammar. Elementary CD-ROM.zip
Oxford Living Grammar Elementary Classroom Test, Lesson Plans.zip

Oxford Living Grammar. Intermediate.pdf
Oxford Living Grammar intermediate CD-ROM.rar
Oxford Living Grammar Intermediate Classroom Test, Lesson Plans.zip

Oxford Living Grammar Pre-intermediate.pdf
Oxford Living Grammar pre-intermediate CD-ROM.rar
Oxford Living Grammar Pre-intermediate Classroom Test, Lesson Plans.zip

Oxford Living Grammar Upper-intermediate. Student’s book.pdf
Oxford Living Grammar Upper-Intermediate CD-ROM.rar

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