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Download Prism Academic English Cambridge University Press (Book PDF, Audio MP3). Reading And Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking.

More critical thinking. More college skills. A fresh perspective on EAP.
Today’s students need to develop a range of academic skills. They need to learn how to analyze information, look at things in new ways, formulate their own opinions, and express themselves clearly. Prism takes a fresh approach to EAP, by focusing strongly on critical thinking, skills for academic life, and teaching the most useful language.


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Prism Intro Reading and Writing.pdf
Prism Intro Reading.pdf
Prism Intro Listening and Speaking.pdf
Prism Intro Listening and Speaking Classroom

Prism 1 Reading and Writing.pdf
Prism 1 Reading.pdf
Prism 1 Listening and Speaking.pdf
Prism 1 Listening and Speaking Classroom

Prism 2 Reading and Writing.pdf
Prism 2 Reading.pdf
Prism 2 Listening and Speaking.pdf
Prism 2 Listening and Speaking Classroom

Prism 3 Reading and Writing.pdf
Prism 3 Reading.pdf
Prism 3 Listening and Speaking.pdf
Prism 3 Listening and Speaking Classroom

Prism 4 Reading and Writing.pdf
Prism 4 Reading.pdf
Prism 4 Listening and Speaking.pdf
Prism 4 Listening and Speaking Classroom

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