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The Official Guide for GMAT Review 13th Edition (PDF)


The Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is a test that more than 2100 business school and other institutions all around the world use as a criterion for admission into their business management courses like MBA. These include some of the most prestigious business schools in the world. The GMAT exam is administered in over 112 countries and is the exam of choice for most students aspiring to enroll into the best B schools. The Official Guide for GMAT Review (With CD ROM) 13th Edition helps students prepare for this exam with questions that cover all aspects of a GMAT exam – analytical writing, quantitative and verbal elements, as well as the newly introduced integrated reasoning component. It has been brought out by GMAC or the Graduate Management Admission Council, the same organisation that owns the GMAT exam.

The 13th edition of this Official Guide for GMAT Review book has been designed to be as exhaustive as possible. Thus, practice questions for the integrated reasoning component, which was only introduced in June 2012 are included as well. However, since these types of questions are more interactive than others, they can be found online, in a website that becomes accessible to you when you buy this book. This gives you a feel of the real GMAT test as well, and acclimatises you to the environment which you will have to face when you actually take the test.

In addition to the integrated reasoning questions posted online, 20% of the current questions have been replaced in the book as well, with the new ones being questions actually used in GMAT exams. This can help give the aspiring MBA student a definite edge during GMAT preparation. Since the guide includes questions and guidance written by some of the writers of the test, you will be equipped with first-hand knowledge of the same. This GMAT official guide is an English language paperback book that was published by Wiley India in 2012.


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