31 High-scoring Formulas to Answer the IELTS Speaking Questions

11 May, 2016


Learn these 31 Formulas to give high scoring answers to EVERY IELTS Speaking Question. Based on the best selling book, these Formulas were devised through years of scientific analysis of over 500,000 candidate answers to real IELTS questions. This book contains each of the 31 Formulas including the three key elements of each Formula: Question Type, Answer Order and Language Steps. In addition, the book also includes original recordings and animations of example answers along with our top 10 do’s and don’ts for how to conduct yourself in the IELTS Speaking Test. Covering nearly all topics in the real Speaking test. Mastering them enables the candidates to answer every question naturally and confidently in order to get the highest score possible at the level of proficiency. Two steps: Forming the answer, Applying language skills to elicit the answer.

Book: Drive



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