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22000 Words for Toefl & Ielts của Harold Levine (PDF)


22,000 words for the TOEFL and IELTS tests by Harold Levine “is a book on vocabulary learning was developed on a solid theoretical basis and  Its real purpose is to increase the strength of English vocabulary to students as quickly as possible. this bilingual translation in order to provide a means for learning the best book above.

In addition, this book is not only practical aim which is presented on a systematic approach to vocabulary learned. Let’s take a surf through the unit of study to clarify this:

  • 1. Learning new words in the context
  • 2. Expand vocabulary through key concepts
  • 3. Expand vocabulary through the Anglo-Saxon prefix
  • 4. Expand vocabulary through Latin prefix
  • 5. Expand the language of words over the Latin
  • 6. Expand vocabulary through the Greek language elements
  • 7. Expand vocabulary through word metabolism
  • 8. Relations and relations of analogy from.


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