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Speakout 2nd Edition (PDF, Sources, ActiveTeach)

Download Speakout 2nd Edition PDF, Sources, ActiveTeach (Starter Level, Elementary Level, Pre-Intermediate Level, Intermediate Level, [...]


Summit (3rd Edition) 2 Levels – PDF, Sources, ActiveTeach

Download Summit (3rd Edition) 2 Levels – PDF, Sources, ActiveTeach. Summit 3rd Edition is the [...]

Empower (Second Edition) 6 Levels – PDF, Resources

Download Cambridge Empower (Second Edition) PDF, Sources 2022. Empower Second Edition combines up-to-date content from [...]

New Total English by Longman (6 Levels) PDF, Sources, ActiveTeach

New Total English – Pearson Longman 2011 (PDF, Mp3, CD-exe, Flv).  Author: Jonathan Bygrave, Antonia Clare, Anthony [...]

World Link 3rd Edition (4 Levels) PDF, Sources, Classroom Presentation Tool

Download World Link 3rd Edition – National Geographic Learning (4 Levels) Developing English Fluency (PDF, [...]

Cutting Edge (Third Edition) 6 Levels PDF, Sources, ActiveTeach

Cutting Edge (Third Edition) 6 Levels PDF, Sources:Cutting Edge 3d Edition Starter Student’s book.pdfCutting Edge [...]

Voices (BRE 7 Levels) PDF, Resources

Download Voices (BRE 7 Levels) PDF, Sources Student’s Book, Workbook, Teacher’s Book, Resources,…. Voices is a [...]

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Language Hub (BRE 6 Levels) Book PDF, Sources

Download Language Hub (BRE 6 Levels) Book, Sources. Language Hub is a 6-level general English [...]

Cambridge Passages (Third Edition) PDF, Sources, Presentation Plus

Download Cambridge Passages ( Third Edition) 2014 – 2021 (Student’s Book + Workbook + Teacher’s [...]

Four Corners, 2nd Edition (4 Levels)

Download Four Corners 2nd Edition (Adult & Young Adult) 2018. PDF, MP3, Video. Author: Professor Jack [...]