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Free Download Wavelength | 3 Levels (PDF, Audio, Resources) | Longman 2006.

Wavelength is a three-level course for adults and young adults that is fresh and appealing. The strong emphasis on natural language and everyday expressions means students can identify with the real-life characters and situations.16 topic-based units which cover the main grammar and vocabulary areas.
Free reader with every level containing original stories linked to the ‘Reading for Pleasure’ pages.
‘Wavelength Page’ – a free standing lesson at the end of every unit, devoted to conversational English, functional English, the four skills and revision.
Strong grammar syllabus – separate grammar reference and puzzle sections for extra support and practice.
Vivid situations, drama, quizzes, cartoons and real-life people capture students’ imagination.

>Download Wavelength. Pre-Intermediate. Coursebook.pdf
>Download Wavelength. Pre-Intermediate. Class CD1
>Download Wavelength. Pre-Intermediate. Class CD2
>Download Wavelength Intermediate Coursebook.pdf
>Download Wavelength Intermediate Workbook.pdf
>Download Wavelength Intermediate Teacher’s Book.pdf
>Download Wavelength Intermediate Coursebook Audio
>Download Wavelength Intermediate Reader Audio

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