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Viewpoint (2 Levels) – PDF, Resources, Presentation Plus

Download Viewpoint (2 Levels) 2014 – PDF, Resources, Presentation Plus Windows.

Viewpoint is a two-level series in American English for adults and young adults, taking learners from a high intermediate to advanced level of proficiency (CEFR: B2 – C1). Viewpoint follows on from the Touchstone series, a four-level series that takes students from beginner to intermediate levels (CEFR: A1 – B1), written by the same author team. Together, the six-level series takes students from CEFR A1 – C1.

High Quality PDF
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Viewpoint (2 Levels) – PDF, Resources:
Viewpoint 1 Student’s Book.pdf
Viewpoint 1 Workbook.pdf
Viewpoint 1 Teacher’s Edition.pdf
Viewpoint 1 Audio (SB+WB)
Viewpoint 1 Testing Program
Viewpoint 1 CEFR Guide.pdf
Viewpoint 1 Video Activity Worksheets.pdf
Viewpoint 1 Video + Scripts
Viewpoint 1 Test CDRom

Viewpoint 2 Student’s Book.pdf
Viewpoint 2 Workbook.pdf
Viewpoint 2 Teacher’s Edition.pdf
Viewpoint 2 Audio (SB+WB)
Viewpoint 2 CEFR Guide.pdf
Viewpoint 2 Video Activity Worksheets.pdf
Viewpoint 2 Video + Scripts
Viewpoint 2 Test CDRom

Viewpoint (2 Levels) – Presentation Plus Windows:
Viewpoint 1 Presentation Plus Windows
Viewpoint 2 Presentation Plus Windows

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