Business Vocabulary in Use Intermediate, 2nd edition

Free Download Mascull Bill. Business Vocabulary in Use Intermediate with Answers. Cambridge, 2nd Edition – 2010, CEF LEVEL: B1 Intermediate – B2 High Intermediate (PDF, CD-Rom)

Business Vocabulary in Use Intermediate with Answers

Product description

Business Vocabulary in Use Intermediate Second edition is for students and professionals looking to expand their business vocabulary.
Bringing learners up-to-date with the language they need for business today, this book explains words and expressions and also provides practice of using the new language.
This second edition reflects recent developments in technology, global relations and financial practice and covers a range of topics from Finance to Culture at Work. It also helps learners develop skills in key areas including Presentations, Meetings and Negotiations.

This second edition comes with a new CD-ROM, which offers practice exercises and games, audio of each word or phrase, tests and a phonemic chart for pronunciation support.

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