Cambridge More! (1st) – English Course for Teenagers

Cambridge More! 1, 2, 3, 4 – Cheryl Pelteret, with Herbert Puchta and Jeff Stranks (pdf, wma, mp3, iso, tif) Student’s Book, Workbook, Teacher’sBook, Audio CD, CD-Rom,Teacher’s Resourse Pack, Extra Practice Book


More! is a four-level course for lower-secondary students. Each level contains 12 units and provides 80-90 hours of classwork. Level 1 has an 18-page starter section that offers students dual entry to suit students who may not have done English at primary level.


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More! 1 Students Book(PDF)
More! 1 Workbook(PDF)
More! 1 Class Audio CDs(wma)
More! 1 Workbook Audio CDs(mp3)

More! 2 Students Book(PDF)
More! 2 Workbook(PDF)
More! 2 Culture(PDF)
More! 2 Extra Practice Book (PDF)
More! 2 Class Audio CDs(mp3)
More! 2 Workbook Audio CDs(mp3)
More! 2 Teacher’s Book(PDF)
More! 2 Teacher’s Resource Pack (PDF)

More! 3 Students Book(PDF)
More! 3 Class Audio CDs (mp3)
More! 3. Teacher’s Resource Pack(PDF)
More! 3 Workbook(PDF)
More! 3 Workbook Audio CDs(mp3)

More! 4. Student’s Book (PDF)
More! 4 Class CD(wma)
More! 4 Teacher’s Book(PDF)
More! 4 WorkBook(PDF)
More! 4 Workbook. Audio (mp3)
More! 4 Teacher’s Resourse Pack (PDF)
More! 4 Extra Practice Book (PDF)

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