IELTS MAXIMISER Educational Book (PDF)


Aims of IELTS MAXIMISER Educational Book: IELTS MAXIMISER Educational Book has been primarily designed for candidates aiming to achieve a band score of 6 or 7 on the Speaking Test of the IEL TS exam, although candidates intending to achieve a band score of 5 will also benefit from the book, it covers many aspects of the interview with ample samples and provides a considerable number of highlyfocused ideas to improve candidates’ performance. • Content of the book: This topic-based book consists of three parts, each of which concentrates on various IELTS-type questions. Part 1 presents a range of questions with sample answers mainly connected to home life, education, job, interests, hometown and future plans. The suggested answers present a range of functions that students may need during the speaking test. Part 2 contains 100 topic cards with 20 sample answers. Part 3 is divided into 100 A;.z topics. Each comprising a number of key words in which the target key words and ideas are contextualized. In part 3, there is a section entitled ‘Discussion Questions’ at the end of each topic to activate the students’ production of the themes in a discussion. contains interview extension activities for further practice or homework. These revision activities specifically designed to consolidate the answers presented. – includes ‘Speaking Test Tips’ to help students increase their band scores. has a Teacher’s Guide, giving many invaluable hints. • Special f ea tu res of the book: – designed to be appropriate for all candidates of the IEL TS Speaking test. – provides a rich source of information and language that allows for a great amount of candidate personalisation and response in each topic. – offers systematic vocabulary development and presents key words in conceptual ideas mainly provided in the format of ‘Pros and Cons’, ‘For and Against’ and ‘Cause and Effect’. – contains a large number of controversial issues followed with thought-provoking discussion questions. The aim has been to encourage critical thinking and discussion in IEL TS preparation classes. – provides a rich source of information and language input for IELTS Writing (Task 2). – can be used in any order, depending on the student’s needs, level, aims and available time. – is suitable for both independent study and classroom use. – is highly recommended for all candidates preparing for TOEFL, FCE and CAE examinations. I hope you enjoy studying IELTS Maximiser and have success with the book!


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