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IELTS Reading Recent Actual Tests


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List of Reading Passages

Test 1

  • William Gilbert and Magnestism
  • The 2003 Heatwave
  • Amateur Naturalists

Test 2

  • How to Spot a Liar?
  • Being Left-handed in a Right-handed World
  • What is a Dinosaur?

Test 3

  • Learning by Examples
  • A New Ice Age
  • The Fruit Book

Test 4

  • The Mozart Effect
  • The Ant and The Mandarin
  • Music: Language We All Speak

Test 5

  • Wonder Plant
  • Children’s Literature
  • Talc Powder

Test 6

  • The Sweet Scent of Success
  • Mrs. Carlill and the Carbolic Smoke Ball
  • Communicating Styles and Conflict

Test 7

  • New Zealand Seaweed
  • Optimism and Health
  • The Columbian Exchange

Test 8

  • Going Bananas
  • Coastal Archaeology of Britain
  • Travel Books


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