Jetstream by Helbling

Download Jetstream by Helbling, High School, University 2015, 2019.


JETSTREAMis a digital-age 6-level course for adult learners. It offers a learning experience that is fun and motivating and prepares students to use their English effectively in work and life.


Ads, Multi Links, Wait Time

Jetstream. Pre-intermediate A. Student’s Book & Workbook.pdf
Jetstream Pre-Intermediate A. Teacher’s Guide with Wb key 2015.rar

JETSTREAM Intermediate A. Student’s Book 2015.pdf
JETSTREAM Intermediate B. Workbook with answers 2015.rar
JETSTREAM Intermediate B. Teacher’s Guide 2015.pdf
JETSTREAM Intermediate B. Student’s Book 2015.pdf

JETSTREAM Elementary A. Student’s Book & Workbook with WB Key 2015.rar
JETSTREAM Elementary. Teacher’s Guide 2015.pdf

JETSTREAM Upper-Intermediate A. Student’s Book 2019.pdf
JETSTREAM Upper-Intermediate. Teacher’s Guide 2019.pdf

No Ads, 1 Links (Drive), No Waiting For Time

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