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Communicate | 2 Levels (PDF, Audio, Video) | Macmillan

Download Communicate 2 Levels – PDF, Audio, Video Communicate is a two-book video-based communication course [...]

Impact (British English Edition) #2

Impact BRE 1 Student’s Book.pdfImpact BRE 1 Workbook.pdfImpact BRE 1 Teacher’s Book.pdfImpact BRE 1 Teacher’s [...]

English Code | AmE, BrE – 7 Levels (PDF Resources) | Pearson

Download English Code (AmE, BrE – 7 Levels) PDF, Audio CDs, Video. Pearson Education, 2020-2021In [...]

Pathways (Second Edition) National Geographic #2

Download Pathways (2nd Edition) National Geographic (PDF, Resources, Classroom Presentation Tool) 2018, American English. Pathways [...]

Speakout 2nd Edition (PDF, Sources, ActiveTeach) #2

Download Speakout 2nd Edition PDF, Sources, ActiveTeach (Starter Level, Elementary Level, Pre-Intermediate Level, Intermediate Level, [...]


Voices (BRE) | 7 Levels | High Quality PDF, Resources | NGL

Download Voices (BRE 7 Levels) PDF, Sources Student’s Book, Workbook, Teacher’s Book, Resources,…. Voices is a [...]

Go Getter (4 Levels) PDF, Sources, ActiveTeach

Download Go Getter (4 Levels) PDF, Sources, ActiveTeach. English type: British English. Understanding that teenagers [...]

Cutting Edge (Third Edition) 6 Levels PDF, Sources, ActiveTeach

Cutting Edge (Third Edition) 6 Levels PDF, Sources:Cutting Edge 3d Edition Starter Student’s book.pdfCutting Edge [...]

Roadmap Academic skills (8 Levels) Book, Sources

Download Roadmap Develop Your Academic skills (8 Levels) Book PDF, Audio, Answers Key. Roadmap is [...]

Effective Academic Writing (Second Edition) 4 Levels

Effective Academic Writing is a four-level academic writing skills course with integrated online practice and support [...]

Oxford Inside Reading (Second Edition)

Download Oxford Inside Reading 2nd Edition 2015. Oxford University Press (PDF, Audio CD). Oxford Inside [...]

Collins For IELTS – 2nd Edition: Writing, Reading, Listening, Speaking

Download Collins For IELTS – 2nd Edition: Writing, Reading, Listening, Speaking (PDF, Audio). If your [...]

Cambridge Face2Face (Second Edition) – PDF, Sources, Presentation Plus

Download Cambridge Face2Face Second Edition (PDF, Sources, Audio, video, Testmaker, Presentation Plus Windows, Mac…) 2013. [...]


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