Cambridge English Empower (6 Levels)

Download Cambridge English Empower 2015 (6 Levels) The Complete Series (A1 Starter,A2 Elementary,B1 Pre-Intermediate, B1+ Intermediate,B2 Upper Intermediate,C1 Advanced) Book, Audio CD, Presentation Plus.

Cambridge English Empower (6 Levels)

Cambridge English Empower is a general English course for adult and young adult learners combines course content from Cambridge University Press with validated assessment from the experts at Cambridge English Language Assessment. Empower’s unique mix of engaging classroom materials and reliable assessment, with personalised online practice, enables learners to make consistent and measurable progress.



Empower A1 Beginner Presentation Plus Software (Windows)
Empower A2 Elementary Presentation Plus Software (Windows)
Empower B1 Pre-Intermediate Presentation Plus (Windows)
Empower B1+ Intermediate Presentation Plus (Windows)
Empower B2 Upper-Intermediate Presentation Plus (Windows)
Empower C1 Advanced Presentation Plus (Windows)

Empower B1. Pre-Intermediate. Student’s Book.pdf
Empower B1, Pre-intermediate. Class
Empower B1, Pre-Intermediate Teacher’s Book.rar
Empower B1 Workbook Video
Empower B1 Workbook
Empower B1 Pre-Intermediate
Empower B1 Pre-Intermediate Reading
Empower B1 Pre-Intermediate Progress Tests
Empower B1 Pre-Intermediate End of Year
Empower B1 Pre-Intermediate Academic
Empower B1, Pre-intermediate. Teacher’s Notes.pdf
Empower B1 Pre-Intermediate Workbook.pdf
Empower B1 Pre-Intermediate Workbook KEYS.pdf
Empower B1 Pre-Intermediate Presentation Plus

Empower Elementary Students Book.pdf
Empower A2 Elementary Presentation Plus Software
Empower A2. Reading Plus Worksheets.rar
Empower A2. Progress Tests. Unit 1 –
Empower A2. Progress Tests. Units 4 –
Empower A2. Elementary. Workbook.
Empower A2. Class
Empower A2, Elementary WB
Empower A2 Elementary
Empower A2 Elementary Video
Empower A2. Reading Plus Worksheets.pdf
Empower A2. Reading Plus Teacher’s Notes.pdf
Empower A2. Elementary. Workbook. Without Answers.pdf
Empower A2. Elementary. Workbook. With Answers.pdf
Empower A2. Elementary. Teacher’s Book.pdf
Empower A2 Extra Worksheets and Teacher’s Notes for Video Extra.pdf

Empower A1. Student’s book.pdf
Empower A1 Beginner Presentation Plus Software
Empower A1. Teacher’s
Empower A1 Tests.rar
Empower A1 Starter Class
Empower A1 Starter, Workbook.pdf

Empower C1. Teacher’s
Empower C1. Reading Plus Worksheets.rar
Empower C1. Academic Skills Plus Worksheets.rar
Empower C1. Academic Skills Plus Worksheets
Empower C1, Advanced. Workbook
Empower C1, Advanced. Workbook
Empower C1, Advanced. Class
Empower C1 Advanced. Student’s Book.rar
Empower C1 Advanced
Empower C1 Workbook with Answers.pdf
Empower C1 Presentation Plus

Empower B2 SB.pdf
Empower B2 WB Video
Empower B2 WB Audio
Empower B2 Tests
Empower B2 SB Video
Empower B2 SB Audio
Empower B2 Reading Plus
Empower B2 Academic Skills
Empower B2, Upper-Intermediate. Teacher’s
Empower B2 Upper-Intermediate Workbook with key.pdf
Empower B2 Presentation Plus

Empower B1+. Reading Plus Worksheets.rar
Empower B1+, Intermediate. Class
Empower B1+ WB
Empower B1+ WB
Empower B1+ Intermediate
Empower B1+ Academic Skills with Teacher’s Book and
Empower B1+, Intermediate. Student’s Book.pdf
Empower B1+ Intermediate. Workbook With Answers.pdf
Empower B1+ Intermediate Teacher’s Book.pdf

Empower Placement

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