Ventures, Third Edition

Download Ventures, 3rd Edition (6 Levels). A six-level, standards based, integrated skills series for Adult Education, aligned to WIOA, NRS, English Language Proficiency, and College and Career Readiness standards.

Ventures, Third Edition

Aligned with the National Reporting System (NRS), English Language Proficiency (ELP) and College and Career Readiness (CCR) standards, Ventures helps students develop the skills needed to be college and career ready, and function successfully in their community.

The third edition is aligned to the NRS’ interpretive, productive, and interactive outcomes at each level. The course also offers a dedicated College and Career Readiness section with 10 worksheets at each level, from Level 1 to Transitions, to help students develop the skills they need to succeed in college and the workplace. Problem-solving activities in each unit cover critical thinking and soft skills key to workplace readiness.
Audio tracks and grammar presentations linked to QR codes can be accessed using smartphones promoting mobile learning, while a suite of digital tools complement the course to support 21st century learning.
A wealth of resources provide instructors with the tools for any teaching situation, making Ventures the most complete program.

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Ventures Basic 3e.pdf
Ventures Basic 3e Teaching Notes.pdf
Ventures 1 3e.pdf
Ventures 2 3e.pdf
Ventures 3 3e.pdf
Ventures 4 3e.pdf

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