Connect | Second Edition, 4 Levels | Cambridge

Free Download Connect (four-level) 2nd Edition 2009. Book (PDF), Audio CD (Mp3). Student’s book, Teacher’s book, workbook.

Connect (4 levels) Second Edition

Connect Second Edition is a fun, four-level, multi-skills American English course written and designed specifically for young adolescents. Motivation is encouraged through high-interest topics and lively activities. Theme Projects help students connect their English to the world outside the classroom.

Connect | Second Edition, Level 1 | Free Download
>Download Connect_2nd-SB-1.pdf
>Download Connect_2nd-WB-1.pdf
>Download Connect_2nd-MP3-1.rar
Connect | Second Edition, Level 2 | Free Download
>Download Connect_2nd-SB-2.pdf
>Download Connect_2nd-WB-2.pdf
>Download Connect_2nd-MP3-2.rar
Connect | Second Edition, Level 43 | Free Download
>Download Connect_2nd-SB-3.pdf
>Download Connect_2nd-WB-3.pdf
>Download Connect_2nd-MP3-3.rar
Connect | Second Edition, Level 4 | Free Download
>Download Connect_2nd-SB-4.pdf
>Download Connect_2nd-WB-4.pdf
>Download Connect_2nd-MP3-4.rar

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