Uncover – Cambridge

Download Cambridge Uncover – American English Course for teenage learners 2015 (PDF, MP3, AVI, CD-rom (ISO)).

Uncover – Cambridge

Developed in partnership with Discovery Education™, Uncover combines captivating video and stimulating global topics to motivate students and spark their curiosity, fostering more meaningful learning experiences. Up to four videos in every unit make learning relevant and create opportunities for deeper understanding. Guided, step-by-step activities and personalized learning tasks lead to greater speaking and writing fluency. Complete digital support, including extra online practice activities and access to the Cambridge Learning Management platform is also available

140 high-interest videos throughout the course spark curiosity and reinforce language learning. Each unit’s target language is reinforced though a variety of video types.
Engaging explorations of cultures, people and locations from around the globe, from following students at a Kung-Fu school in China to surviving an Alaskan winter.

The Workbook provides extension practice for each lesson in the student book and includes access to the Cambridge Learning Management platform with extra practice activities and games. A Student’s Book with an online version of the workbook, including access to the Cambridge LMS is also available.

The Teacher’s Book includes interleaved lesson plans, audio scripts, answer keys, extra practice activities, tips for mixed ability classes and CEFR mapping by unit.

Class Audio CDs include the complete audio program to support listening comprehension.

Video DVD includes the complete program video, consisting of up to four videos per unit, making learning relevant and creating opportunities for deeper understanding.


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Uncover 1. Student’s Book.part1.rar
Uncover 1. Student’s Book.part2.rar
Uncover 1. Class Audio.zip
Uncover 1. Workbook.pdf

Uncover 2. Student’s Book.part1.rar
Uncover 2. Student’s Book.part2.rar
Uncover 2. Class Audio.zip
Uncover 2 Workbook.pdf

Uncover 3. Students Book.rar
Uncover 3. Class Audio.zip
Uncover 3. Workbook.pdf

Uncover 4. Class Audio.zip
Uncover 4. Workbook.pdf

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