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Grammar for Teachers – Unlock Your Knowledge of English (Ebook)

Free Download Grammar for Teachers – Unlock Your Knowledge of English (Ebook)

The essential guide to how English works

Handling grammar in the classroom can seem daunting, but with Grammar for Teachers you can face it with confidence. This book explains all the grammatical terms you need, and places them in a clear and straightforward context. It is written both for beginners and for those who already have some understanding of the subject but wish to expand and consolidate their knowledge.

3-part structure to suit all readers:

  • Overview – The Details – Glossary.
  • Glossary of over 175 terms – from absolute to zero relative.
  • Clear and detailed cross-referencing.
  • More than 100 clear and memorable diagrams and tables to show how grammar works.
  • Hundreds of examples from World English.
  • All the grammar required by the National Curriculum in the United Kingdom.

“Excellent as both a reference guide and learning tool – invaluable.”

– Paula Bosanquet, Cass School of Education, University of East London

“An excellent resource for English tutors and their students.”

– Dr Jean Conteh, University of Leeds School of Education

“Friendly and informative. It has come to the aid of many students on their school experience placements.”

– Dr Janet Rose, University of Gloucestershire

“Quite literally, a saviour – Grammar for Teachers is pitched perfectly for its audience. Its clarity is remarkable and its examples of English usage lively and accessible. This title is at the top of my students’ pre-programme reading list.”

– Annie Clarke, University of Chichester


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