IELTS Writing Task 1+2

Mitchell Rachel. IELTS Writing Task 1+2, Amazon, 2017. — 128 p.

IELTS Writing Task 1+2

The ultimate guide with practice to get a target band score of 8.0+ in 10 minutes a day.

IELTS Writing Introduction

IELTS Writing Task 1
Effective Sentence Structures To Get An 8.0+
Language Of Trends: Sentence Structure And Vocabulary
Task 1 Writing Process To Maximize Score
Task 1 Writing Rules
Most Common Mistakes Students Make In Task 1 Writing
Future Tense (Language of Estimation)
Task 1 Writing Samples: Line Chart, Bar Chart, Table, Pie Chart, Map, Process, Natural Process

IELTS Writing Task 2
Most Common Mistakes Made In IELTS Writing Task 2
The List Of Impersonal Opinion
The List Of Personal Opinion
Language To Introduce Examples
Language To Add More Points To The Same Topic
Language To Make Contrasting Points
Language For Balance/Contrasting Statements
Language To Talk About Reality
Language To Emphasize A Point
Language To Provide Cause Or Reason
Language To Talk About Result/Effect
How To Manage Your Time In Task 2 Writing
Task 2 Writing Types: The Argument Led (Evidence Led), Thesis Led Essay, Advantages And Disadvantages Essay, Two-Part Questions Essay, Problem and Solution Essay
Task 2 Writing Language
Synonyms For Paraphrasing



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