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PET Result – Oxford

Download PET Result – Oxford (Book, Audio). The Cambridge English B1 Preliminary exam course with supported practice online.

PET Result – Oxford

A Cambridge English B1 Preliminary course with online Workbook and practice tests. Assign homework, track progress and analyse results using the optional Learning Management System.

PET Result is a complete preparation course for the Cambridge English B1 Preliminary exam. Its thought-provoking topics and vibrant images keep your students motivated. Its Workbook is available as a printed book, or online. The online version has features such as: automatic marking, instant feedback, integrated dictionary and more. Includes optional Learning Management System to assign tasks, track progress, and analyse results.

  • Vibrant design with high-impact visuals keeps students motivated.
  • Integrated dictionary skills work encourages independent study.
  • Online Workbook features automatic marking and instant feedback, integrated dictionary definitions, grammar reference, exam tips, and more. Ideal for self-study.
  • Includes access to one Cambridge English B1 Preliminary and one Cambridge English B1 Preliminary for Schools online practice exam.
  • Optional Learning Management System allows you to identify student weaknesses and strengths.
  • Student’s Book available with or without code for the Online Workbook.
  • Workbook also available as a printed Resource Pack with MultiROM and a link to online practice tests suitable for the Cambridge English B1 Preliminary for Schools exam.

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PET Result Book.pdf
PET Result CD
PET Result. Workbook Resourse Pack with Key.pdf
PET Result. Workbook
PET Result. Teacher’s Resource Pack Writing & Speaking Assessment Booklet.pdf
PET Result. Teacher’s Resource Pack Student’s book Answer Key.pdf
PET Result. Teacher’s Resource Pack Tests (Progress Tests, Test Online, Tests Keys, Unit Tests).zip

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