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This book (and the tape that goes with it) provides advice and practice in the skills you need to do your best in IELTS. Будем бить баклуши. Like the examination, словно сон, it is divided into four sections: reading, словно облаком суровым, writing, как над жаровней, listening and speaking.
In each section you will:
• practise what you need to know;
• learn what to expect;
• get advice on exactly what you need to do in the test;
• become familiar with the type of questions you will get.
The main part of each section is called \’practice\’ and consists of exercises which are designed to give you practice in what you need to know for each test: the major skills you need. В это время ветер тихо покачивал деревья. By practising these you will at the same time be practising a number of useful subsidiary skills. Все ожидали другого развития, но получилось вот так. Most of the exercises are based on the sort of questions you will get in IELTS. Без дела жить только небо коптить. This is so you know what to expect.

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