Ready for B2 First (Fourth Edition)

Download Ready for B2 First (4th Edition)Student’s Book, Workbook, Teacher’s Book, Audio, Answers Key, Tests,….

Ready for B2 First (4th Edition)

The bestselling Ready for… series has been helping students prepare for their exams for over twenty years. This revised Fourth edition of Ready for B2 First continues to provide the in-depth exam training for which the course is known. It keeps all the popular features of the 3rd edition whilst adding innovative digital support, updated reading and listening texts, new pronunciation sections and improved page design for easy navigation.

Ready for B2 First (Fourth Edition) - PDF, Resources

Student’s book | Workbook | Teacher’s Book
SB Audio + Scripts | WB Audio + Scripts | SB Key | WB Key | Speaking Exam Video | Wordlists | Communicative Activities | Tests | Extra

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